SEP 100 Graduation Day (July 2019): SEP 200 Booths

Every semester, a new batch of scholars will complete their SEP 100 journey and this semester is no different. To celebrate the completion of their journey, a graduation ceremony was held on the 27th of July at Block G of the UCSI campus. The graduation ceremony also doubles as an opportunity for fresh SEP 100 graduates to be introduced to the SEP 200 programme and the various programmes they can join. Although a graduation ceremony is held every semester, what made this one special was the fact that our student ambassador programme was given the chance to set up a booth to promote our programme instead of promoting ourselves through the SEP 200 Facebook page like the previous years.

Our minimalist booth at SEP 100 graduation ceremony

At 3pm, the fresh SEP 100 graduates finished their SEP 200 briefing and visited all the booths set up to inquire about the abundant SEP 200 programmes available for them to join. They visited all the booths to have a rough idea of what each programme was about and selected 3 booths they would like to know more about through the Impact Cafe Session which came next.

SEP 100 graduates visiting the SEP 200 programme booths
SEP 100 graduates visiting our booth

After visiting all the booths, the scholars went to 3 different booths of their choice to know the details of each programme during the Impact Cafe Session. During this session, representatives of each programme gave the scholars details of their respective programme such as their main objective, their primary activities and much more. The scholars were also given a chance to interact with the representatives by asking questions and discussing about case studies provided by the representatives. As such, scholars were able to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of what the programmes were about and thus, they could make informed and better choices when selecting which programme to participate in for their SEP 200 journey.

For the students who visited our student ambassador booth, we explained the roles of our different teams to them and what the different teams were in charge of. Of course, we also answered any questions they had to clear up any misunderstandings and to shed more light on our programme. In this session, we saw some prospective scholars who seemed interested in joining our student ambassador team. Some of the scholars seemed passionate in writing and seemed interested in joining the digital content team while others were interested in going to events and joining the social media and event team.

Student ambassador’s booth and other booths during the Impact Cafe Session

After learning in depth about the various SEP 200 programmes, the scholars wrapped up the Impact Cafe Session and headed to the auditorium to celebrate their graduation from SEP 100. This marked the end of the booths session for the SEP 100 graduation day and we promptly wrapped things up. We hope that by promoting ourselves at the graduation day, more passionate and active members will join our student ambassador team and help to grow our student ambassador programme into one of the most sought after programmes in SEP 200.