A Never Ending Friendship

In these 19 years, I’ve come across many types of friends and this article will be mainly about my experiences of being a friend to them.

To me, a friend is someone who we share all our secrets to and also we learn to explore the world with them. To say about my friends in general, I’ll have to say that each and everyone of them has played their part in order to mould me into a successful person. Alright, let’s start with the line up of my friends.

The one and only person whom I admire and later on she gave me the liberty to become her best friend. My mum (Mdm.Shanti). In these 19 years of friendship, we didn’t really expect anything from each other. My mum gave advice which made me review back my mistakes and gives me time to rectify them.

At this point, I really need her to know that I will never replace anyone in her place. I’m proud to be her daughter as well as her best friend. Our friendship bonding medium is the Mid Valley Megamall. We start the day with a movie and end it by having tea. This bonding sessions happen every three months once or six months once if both of us are busy. I usually get stressed up with my studies and sometimes I become so confused about life but despite all that confusion, I know who to turn to at that time. Thanks, alot Ma. Love you so much and I hope and pray our friendship will always stay as pure as ever. Not forgetting my dad, Mr Mogan who always supports me in everything I do.

Next, let me take you to my primary school life. The first stage of having friends. Sangita and Kuhan were my besties in school. As for Sangita and me, we used to get scolding from the teachers together. What a memory. As fr Kuhan, he supported me in every single thing I decided to go with. He never doubted for even a little. I still call him names which I don’t to specify here but you should know that he never once got offended with those names because he knows that I’m telling the truth. I lost touch with Kuhan during secondary school days but my journey was a never-ending one with Sangita. We used to meet at tuition where we literally used to sit outside the teacher’s house and look at the sky while talking about the things we have missed. I managed to retrieve all the memories I had with her. Thanks a lot guys for being there like lions in the pride lands, giving me confidence and the assurance to do things.

Tringgggg…tringggg.. School’s over. So the next thing an ordinary secondary school girl like me should think is going to tuition. I met two supporting souls who cheered me up with all their jokes. Divyah and Nevlena . “Sobi, you can do it. Just don’t think anything unnecessary and just go for it”. Their words when I told them I wanted to become a doctor. The gifts for my birthday and the time spent can show the amount of love you had and still have for me. We spent time at tuition studying but I took extra time understanding them and I finally did. Guys, I want you guys to be happy and please keep in touch.

Ok..now, this is important because I saw a huge in My university life because of these three girls. I don’t know how important I am to them but they mean the world to me. Sheilaa, Loshinii and Dharini. I wouldn’t forget the first time we met. That was the first day of May intake and we attended our first class tour for our Biotech class. I felt some kind of vibe attracting me to the direction they were standing. As I stood there, they were discussing where to have lunch at and that was how our conversation started with Loshiinii.

For Dharini and Sheilaa, the conversation started during the Biotech presentation. In a matter of weeks, I felt a bond growing between us. I felt like they were sisters to me more than friends. The quality I like in them is their frankly speaking attitude. Loshinii reminds me of how to talk softly almost everyday, poor girl. Dharini hates seeing me get bullied by people. She asks me to speak up and be bold on emphasizing my point of view. Sheilaa supports (being there like a shield, which suits her name) and motivates me with the quotes she reads every day. Even though it has been three months since I saw them, I see them in my photo gallery almost everyday. Oh ya before I forget, I would like to tell you guys on how we spent our time to free our minds from the university pressure. We make decisions on the spot, ask our parents on the spot and we were already the place we desire to be at. Please forgive me if ever said or done anything wrong within that one year.

These were and still are my friends for life. Being with them, I studied friendship almost everyday. Every time I had a doubt saying that “Does true friendship exist?”, these people come in mind to me just to prove that I’m wrong. I’m really honoured and glad to have such friends like you guys. God gave parents to nurture and show love to us but he also gave us friends to show that we have to start seeing the world in different perspective everyday. But trust me, “You’ve never ever had a friend like ME”.