A trip to the UCSI Kuala Terengganu Campus: The most memorable day in my life

Despite preparing myself to be a medical student, I never once thought of going on a trip to the UCSI University KT (Kuala Terengganu) Campus. Eventually, it did happen and it was also sponsored by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. At first, I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I had a vivid smile on my face and prepared for the trip.

19th JULY 2019… The first day of the trip. I could already feel the fresh breeze brought by the trees nearby and I could somehow sense that we were already reaching the campus. Right after getting down from the bus, we were led to our rooms to refresh ourselves before the introductory session began. During the sessions we were walked through with the disciples of the medical profession in general by Professor Zay Soe. Later on, a few lecturers were asked to talk about the facilities provided in the KT Campus and also the qualities that can and should be found in a medical doctor.

Followed by the introductory session, two seniors volunteered to give us a talk by giving an overview on the atmosphere created in Kuala Terengganu and also the importance of MedicSA. At that very point, I thought to myself that Medicine is all about service and I saw the genuine thought in the hearts of MedicSA. Looking at their efforts I pledged to myself saying that I would try my level best to contribute to MedicSA. I was motivated by every word uttered by the medical professionals there. We were brought on a tour around the campus and I was tripled times motivated by the peaceful environment provided by the campus. What would ask for rather than a peaceful study environment? Furthermore, we were given a short briefing on how to perform the incubation process. I also volunteered myself to do the procedure.

I was told that Terengganu had this aura that calms a person’s min and soul easily. At first I didn’t believe it, but then later on I had the chance to experience it myself. Pantai Kelulut Marang. It boasted with all the beauty and peace in the world. The water was so cosy until I put my feet in the water for almost 30 minutes.

20.7.2019….Being the second day of the trip, it was also a very informative and spectacular day for all of us. We were given the liberty to take a tour around Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ) which is also known as (Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu / Hospital Kluster Kuala Terengganu). Medical (male ward) , maternity ward, discussion rooms, seminar rooms and also the emergency department. We met all the staffs on duty working at all the departments. During our visit to the maternity wards, I saw a newborn lying on a neonatal resusitation unit. We were told that that particular was lying there due to some defects or congenital diseases.

When we were taken to the medical (male ward), I saw many men suffering from pain . There were some not even visited by their own children nor relatives. That time, I realised the amount of people who are in pain and need the help of the doctors . Later on, we were taken to the UCSI University KT Campus’s Learning Space. According to our seniors, the learning space was used to practice skills for exams and also conduct discussions as well.

From an overall perspective , I would say that this trip was a very useful one . Although we have not started our degree program yet, but still this trip is all about motivating us to reach success for those 5 years of medicine program and also become a good doctor as well as a noble human being.