To The Friends Who Brought Out The Best In Me.

When I first meet someone, my first impression of them is that one memory they either live up to or prove otherwise. Without knowing how much of an impact they will exert on me or how my existence can alter their lives too. Each moment spent can either have a lasting or wavering effect on each of us because we are all part of our own story. And in every story, everyone you allow into your life plays a certain character, whether you like it or not.

I spent my younger days wishing I would grow up, but never grow apart. Well, I felt that everyone who walked into my life had no right to walk out. But also this happened gradually, yet felt sudden all the time. I day-dreamed about the future and how we would change the world, but now every one of us has some sense of responsibility as well as maturity and well, things have changed a lot. I have realized that more does not equate to better or happy.

If you are lucky enough, you will come across people who vibe just as crazily as you do. And you will share moments you wish to never let go of. However, all the moments will live on in our hearts, our heads and our memories. Forever.

The ones who give endlessly. The ones who genuinely and generously extend their arms to everyone, not that they have so much to give but because they aspire to spread joy and happiness amongst others. The selfless ones. The rarest. The ones who give from the heart and expect nothing in return, well except for your grateful and happy self.

The ones I can never imagine living life without. The ones who bring you so much joy and laughter until you can’t breathe. The friends who have turned into family. Though we fight they will always come around because the bond created when we are just being your normal selves, without having to worry and pretend to be someone else will keep us tight. The ones that alter and change our lives forever, involuntarily

The ones who take it all. The ones who are afraid of running out and end up getting twice as much as they give. Yes, they may have not yet figured out yet that they alone can suffice. The ones who seek validation and love outside themselves. However, they become the people they never thought they would be in the end. The ones who are full of potential. We love them regardless of their mishaps because we know they will get there sooner or later while they manoeuvre the world.

The adventurous ones. The ones who are literally one call away. The ones whose curfew is just like any other time on their daily schedule. The ones who are able to create magical lasting memories under the stars. The ones who are always up for a good time. The ones you may also spill your secrets during the magical lasting moments.

The ones who leave the country, but never leave our hearts. The ones who make you realize that leaving is a necessary part of growing up and we will always be grateful because they gave us the chance to grow up with them.

The quite ones, their input may seem minimal but oftentimes say what’s most relevant. The ones who observe the most. The learners. The strongest shoulder to cry on.

The ones whom you never see again. The ones we never heard from since then, well most probably due to certain circumstances. At times we wish we could undo things and clear the air. But life does not work that way. All that is left is to hope that someday you will cross paths with the hope to bring back the smile upon our faces.

It’s a blessing to meet these people. The ones who explore another realm and dare to discover a different world with you. The ones who are brave enough to search for the truth. The ones who believe that there is more to life than what the world decides to show us. The ones who are passionate, dreamy and enthusiastic about life. The ones with flaming hearts and wild minds. The ones who are true to themselves and eager to leave a mark in this world. The psychonauts. The ones who help you navigate your way home. The fierce ones yet warm-hearted at the same time. The ones that just make everyday complete.

Looking back at it, we never really thought ahead much of what life was going to make of us because every moment brought a lasting memory. We were happy, albeit we were always searching for more happiness in the world. We may have lost some things with time, but most of all, we found ourselves. We may not have ended up in the same space at once, but we know by heart we are all bound by love.

To the friends who brought out the best in me, thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me grow. You are the reason why I have experienced all that I have. Thank you for simply being your best selves and inspiring me to be a better person.

Happy Friendship Day!