As a writer and a storyteller, my mind is my most valuable asset and now, it is a means of freedom. I can get lost in it. I can be wherever I want to be. My imagination is limitless.


My Best Friends

…knowing that I’m not going to be alone, I took the brave decision to cut the toxic friendship I had. It was painful at first, but through the kindness of the lecturers and my friends, I was able to recover from the wounds of broken friendship.

Throwback to SPE Night 3.0

As we walked on home, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of my team and I for making history in our student chapter for hosting such an awesome event and for having best friends like Mohsen and Noman to count on to help out in all my undertakings. SPE Night 3.0 was truly a night to remember and one which I will cherish for all the years to come.