COVID19: A Moment Of Reflection

If I could take a step back, and look at all the things we took for granted, the little freedom that we were robbed off.  We are living in a period where all of that freedom is detracted from us. Truly, it is for a decent cause, however it is likewise exceptionally difficult to realize we are not in full control of our own lives right now. Perhaps we all are somewhat blameworthy of underestimating the seemingly insignificant things since we never realized what it resembles to have them snatched away so rapidly.

What I truly miss at the present time, is a feeling of normalcy. I miss my schedules. I miss getting up right on time and going for my lectures. I never acknowledged the extent to which I liked being mobile and going to campus each day. We invest such a lot of energy whining about our assignments and daily mundane errands. Sadly, those are the petty things we miss once they are far off. I didn’t know how much it meant to have my classmates during a lecture, or talking to my friends in the middle of day. I miss going out. I even miss my commute home from campus, which ordinarily I would have ruled out as an annoying commute.

I miss easily approaching my loved ones for a hug without mulling over it. I miss going to bed every time and not agonizing over what will happen tomorrow. I miss casually swinging by the supermarket and purchasing anything I desired to make for supper today around evening time. I wish that I could go get things done right now without being uncertain of the potential risks I could be confronted with. I never acknowledged how effectively individuals’ well-being and business’ could be put in risk, to no blame of their own. I certainly underestimated the way that most of us were stable while building our future.

I miss being normal. With so much anxiety coursing the face of the earth at this moment, nothing appears to feel right. Our work, our families, our wellbeing and schedules all appear to be so distant.

I most certainly miss knowing that my family back home is fine. I miss having the peace of mind not stressing that somebody I love will become ill. I will never underestimate my well-being and life under any circumstances on the grounds that in the course of recent weeks I’ve perceived how rapidly others have lost theirs.

Knowing what we know presently, how about we attempt to take as a lot of good from this wreckage as we can. How about we ensure we generally take a gander at our opportunities and be appreciative for them. How about we quit underestimating the easily taken for granted privileges at our disposal.

Value any form of comfort with your friends or family, interaction with your loved ones, each lecture session, assessments and resources. Be appreciative for genuine peace of mind, the opportunity of going out to get things done, and the capacity to go to university each day. The things that once appeared to be lame, are presently most probably the best things we can acknowledge throughout everyday life. Take away something from this, and make your future one you will consistently be thankful for having.