Farewell, Student Council

“Hello…… how can I make your day BETTER?” – it is the slogan printed at the back of Student Council t-shirt.

So, the end of this semester not only marked the end of my Second Year, but it is also indicating that I have accomplished my journey with UCS University Student Council for 4 semesters. I was officially stepped down from the position of the Head of Student Welfare Department in the council.

Student Council is an independent organization that serves as the platform between the students and the management of the university to maintain an efficient and long-last communication to each other. No doubt, the Student Council plays an important role regarding the university affairs and put the rights of the students on top. And now back to the main questions – how did I join the Student Council at the first place? And what I have gained throughout my journey with the Student Council?

First of all, the main reason that I joined the Student Council was that – I want to make some difference in my university life. I was in my First Year Second Semester at that time. Before this, I have isolated myself from the social engagements due to the facts that I DID NOT KNOW WHERE IS MY DIRECTION. I was lost in the development of my self-perception and self-worth, therefore I thought disconnected from the people was the best alternative to deal with my problem. However, life proved me wrong – I did not feel happy at all and even worse than ever. When people asked about my extra-curricular experiences during my 2-year-time at UCSI University (including my foundation year), I have nothing to say but to keep a fake smile. These have put me in a difficult situation where people could not see me as an outshined person, they rather perceived me as an introverted, serious and studious nerd.

It was the time that I know I could not continue my life with the title of a “nerd” anymore. Besides, I know my strength in helping people to solve their problems which I always obtain my self-worth from this…… Coincidentally – I saw the poster of Student Council committee recruitment at the notice board. At that time, the newly elected President and Deputy President of the Student Council were looking for potential candidates to join them to form a new Student Council committee board. Without further consideration, I registered myself with the application form and went to an interview on a Friday morning.

Soon, I received a confirmation letter that addressed my acceptance into the Student Council committee board started from the 2018-05 Semester. Apart from the upper management, the Student Council has 4 different departments which each of the department has its responsibilities and tasks. The departments are:
Logistic Department – responsible for students’ logistic matters, works with Group Logistic Management Office (GLMO) to manage the booth and facilities booking from the students, in-charges of the council’s facilities and equipment
Business and Corporate Department – responsible for the council’s corporate affairs, manage the application and maintenance of locker rental in the university
Student Activities Department – responsible for students’ activities, organizes university-level extra-curricular events
Student Welfare Department – responsible for students’ welfare, in-charges of the council’s counter, receives and analyses complaints/feedbacks/suggestions from the students and responses to the university’s management or vice versa

The initial position that I have received was a member of the Student Welfare Department. I was extremely happy and determined to get myself ready to serve the students with my best. One semester later, I have been promoted to become the Head of the department. I was indeed more determined to perform better at my new position and bringing the positive impacts to the students as the Student Council member.

During my service term in the Student Council, we have organized and participated in several events in the university. I was not only in charge of the student service and on-duty at the Student Council Counter, but I also joined the organizing committee for numbers of events. Below are the lists of Student Council’s events/activities happened in the 2018/2019 service term and my involvements in all events:
Orientation Day 2018-05 Semester (assisting the SAA) – Student Council helper
Sports Carnival 2018 – Member of Design Team and Emcee for the prize-giving ceremony
Kyung-Hee University Students Visitation – Student Council representative
Orientation Day 2018-09 Semester (assisting the SAA) – not joining
MyBuddy Programme – participated as Mentor for a year
Orientation Day 2019-01 Semester (assisting the SAA) – not joining
ECA Awards Night 2019 – choose 1 between ECA Awards Night and Cultural Night
Cultural Night 2019 (collaborated with the SAA) – Leader of Programme Team
Orientation Day 2019-05 Semester (assisting the SAA) – not joining
2019/2020 Student Council Election – not joining
Sports Carnival 2019 – not joining

Apart from involving in activities carried out by the SAA and organising our own events, as the Student Council members, we are required to attend the meetings with the Senior Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Yusoff (Vice-Chancellor and President of UCSI University) and Associate Professor Ir. Dr Jimmy Mok (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs) that held once in every semesters. During the meetings, we will voice out and discuss the students’ issues as well as propose better alternatives to solve the problems with the upper management. It was the chance where students’ issues can be properly delivered as well as necessary assistance and solutions from the university are promised.

Recalling back my journey with the Student Council, it was indeed a very tough job I have ever done. There were a lot of hardships that students usually cannot see yet we had to face the critiques and complaints from the students. It was never easy to become the mediator between the students and the management. Other than that, there were thousands of commitments and efforts that we had to put into the services to enhance students’ experiences in the university. Not to mention, we had to work under extreme pressures, no free time and physically/psychologically exhausted because we are the student representatives, people are putting their expectations on our shoulders……

However, the experiences in service as a Student Council member was bittersweet. Even though I was weeping for a few times due to the council matters, I have also achieved the goal that I want to make some difference in my university life, which I can say they were all giving me positive impacts:
• I am more confident and determine to resolve whenever I encounter obstacles.
• I have equipped myself with better communication skills and emotion management.
• I have identified my weaknesses and incapability in some areas, I was taught to enhance myself and embrace my imperfections.
• I have learned to perform my strengths without hesitations and explore my potentials to the fullness.
• I have stepped out from my comfort zone to learn new things and meet new friends.
• I have the privilege to get to know the management of the university and gained insights about the procedural jobs and tasks in the management.

With all those miserable and good impacts I have found within myself, I am sincerely grateful to the Student Council that has given me so much unforgettable memories during my university life. I never wonder I can become a student representative one day and successfully transfer the ideas into actions to help the students. No matter how hard my other members and I have gone through in these 4 semesters, joining the Student Council is no doubt shaping me into a better person and guiding me in the right direction. It was my honor and pleasure to serve in the Student Council, and I am proud to be one of the committees in this organization.

Farewell, Student Council, wish you the best!

Note: If you are looking to make some difference in your university life just like me, please do not hesitate to join the Student Council! The newly elected President and Deputy President of 2019/2020 Student Council could announce for recruitment at any time, please be aware of the further notice.