My Best Friends

…knowing that I’m not going to be alone, I took the brave decision to cut the toxic friendship I had. It was painful at first, but through the kindness of the lecturers and my friends, I was able to recover from the wounds of broken friendship.


I had lost interest in everything I enjoyed doing – and that included hosting. I had developed a severe case of social anxiety that made it extremely difficult to conversate with a group of people; in no state of mind was I prepared to stand in front a crowd of over eight hundred students and speak through a microphone.


…I recall feeling exceptionally stupid and sad: I have all these friends who loved me and yet I couldn’t love myself enough for all the things I do. It’s true that my mind is often cruel to me, but my friends weren’t going to let any darkness of that sort ruin my moment. The amount of love and support I felt that day was so overwhelming that for the first time my best friend Amro was able to capture a picture of me grinning with teeth as I stood next to the greatest people in my life.

Begin Again

It was with my best friends that I’ve always found myself. And it was with them that I was able to venture into the new year with a great start. It was with them that I was finally able to let go of my dark past and like winter turning to spring, I was finally ready for life to begin again.