COVID19: Healthcare Heroes

Being a healthcare worker, you do not often get the choice to pick which patients you want and would prefer not to deal with. You don’t get the opportunity to reject an assigned patient just because they have a communicable disease or because they are “under privileged.” Healthcare workers show up  to work hoping to have the proper protection gear to secure their patient, THEMSELVES, and their locale as they exit their healthcare facilities and back home to their families.

On March 11, 2020, the WHO officially declared the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 as a national pandemic.

To be totally honest, those words did not generally impact me. I wasn’t exactly certain what that would mean for me other than cancelation of lectures, stocking facial masks and hand sanitizers. I was not well aware of COVID-19, and no one was truly discussing it right at that point.

Never did I expect what was to come.

I do not think I have to go through the past week’s events, however I do need to raise more awareness and advocate because I am incredibly baffled with individuals who are not taking social distancing and isolation approaches seriously.  And, in the event that you are not social distancing nor remaining home, you are behaving recklessly.

COVID-19 can be eradicated, on the grounds that it has no place to latch on to. Since we are all staying at home, COVID-19 will have no hosts since it can’t live all alone. That is the only means by which we will begin to #FlattenTheCurve.

At the point when we continue getting together, even in little gatherings, we risk giving the coronavirus an opportunity to endure in the populace and ailment.

Now, imagine yourself as a healthcare worker. You signed up for this occupation and took an oath years back in light of your passion to care for the sick and vulnerable. You go to work every day, not overthinking that you’ll come down with any infection, disease, or bacteria, since you’ve generally had adequate protection gear to protect you, be it gloves, facial masks, eye masks, disposable gowns, and so forth. You’ve never been undermined with a lack, never at any point felt that was conceivable.

Be that as it may, presently?

Covid-19 is officially declared a pandemic and has infected over a million individuals. You begin reading that health facilities around the globe are coming up short on face masks and gloves.

At times like this, we should recognize and appreciate our healthcare heroes. Because they could use our love and support at times like this more than ever.

I thank them for showing up every day in difficult times, both offsite and onsite. For not only supporting their patients but each other. This pandemic shall pass, however in the interim, we need to continue to support each other and play our roles as individuals. We will do this together.

They go to work for us, so STAY HOME for them.