Study Tips

Every student has problems studying. There no doubt about it. Everyone has their own struggles and problems when it comes to putting a pen on a piece of paper and writing, or trying to memorize lecture notes which is why I have a few tips for the people that really need it. If you have perfect grades or have a photographic memory, this is not the blog for you. This is for the people that really need help when it comes to studying. So, these are the few things I have learnt and I use every day to study.


The first tip I have for you is taking notes. It may seem like a hassle to take notes during class when the lecturer is speaking. But, it is one of the most efficient ways for a person remember what they have learnt. An old teacher of mine once told me that when you take notes of what the lecture says, you even develop muscle memory and can remember it easily. I am not sure how true this is though, but it seems to work for me. Taking notes greatly benefited me once when the lecturer was talking and accidently let loose a few exam tips without realizing. I’m sure that this happens to all lecturers which is why you should be taking notes!

Next, revising after class. Now, I know no one likes looking at their notes right after their classes finish, but this also helps with remembering what was thought in class. My mum used to nag me every day when I come back home from school, “Alistair, go revise your work now if not you’ll forget”. I did not think this would work but it did. Every time you revise your work, at least some of what was thought in class would be memorized and your last minute studying for your finals will be a piece of cake.

A small tip, try to take quick breaks during your hardcore studying. A wise man in a video I watched on Youtube once said that quick 30 minute breaks between your 1 or 1 and a half hour studying periods will greatly benefit you. The title of the video was ‘Study Smart Not Hard’. Since I watched that video, I realized that taking breaks actually did work. I felt more energetic every time I took a break, I did not feel sleepy and tired while studying and I felt like I  wanted to study.

This tip is for all those people that find it hard to memorize their notes, have a good nights’ sleep. Yes, sleep. A study conducted, proved that people who read their notes right before going to sleep helped them remember their information more than people who barely slept or pulled all-nighters. I know for a fact that this works because I have done it multiple times for every test. At least 8 hours of sleep is needed by a person but I have seen people sleep for just an hour. Pulling all-nighters does work sometimes, but at the cost of being tired the entire day.

Now that you have some guidance on how to study I hope you will use these tips and study smart, not hard.