Things I do during my free time

Whatssup guys, it is me again! How is life in your university? I am doing well here. By the way, have you faced the same problem with me where you have only one lecture a day and don’t know how to spend the free time meaningfully? Today, I am going to share with you about how I spend my free time at UCSI University.

So, let’s say I have an 8am class only on that day. After my class ends at 930am, I would usually go to the gym which is located on the fourth floor at Block A. The gym is equipped with a wide range of weight training and cardio machines, yoga maps, lockers and so on. I run for about 50 minutes, cycle for an hour and then do some HIIT workout with stretching usually. It is very refreshing to bathe after working out. There are many coffee shops and restaurant outside the university so you can always get to try a variety of food from different countries or races. There is an Arabian restaurant named Shawarma. It serves halal meat and I recommend the Chicken Shawarma. It is a wrap with chicken and some vegetables inside. My friends and I like it very much. After having lunch, I go back to my hostel and rest. Then, I start revising my study notes so that I don’t have to burn the midnight oil days before examinations.

Other than exercising, I go shopping with my friends after class. You may reach the train station by either the shuttle bus provided or MRT Feeder Bus T410. There are many shopping malls which are connected to the train station such as, Pavilion, Mid Valley, Sunway Velocity Mall, MyTOWN-Ikea, The Gardens Mall, EkoCheras Mall, Cheras Leisure Mall and Cheras Sentral Mall. These are shopping malls which are located close to our university and can be reached by train or bus.


However, if you are student like me, you may also go to Pasar Seni (or Petaling Street), Batu Caves, Central Market and other interesting places with your friends. There is a lot of delicious food that can be found at Petaling Street such as Lala Noodles at Kedai Kopi Lai Foong, Tau Foo Fah and Hon Kee Porridge. So, we took at least an hour to reach the Batu Caves but it was worth it because we enjoyed the beautiful view over there. There are many statues and the staircase is the best place to take pictures. It was painted with rainbow and gradient colours. I suggest you go there early morning or in the evening because it is very hot there in the afternoon.

For those who like hiking, you may go to the Broga Hill, Saga Hill (Apek Hill), Klang Gates Quartz Bridge, Gasing Hill, KL Forest Eco Park, Bukit Besi Alam Damai and Chiling Waterfall. You can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sunrise or sunset and relax your mind after a long week of studies but make sure to be careful because it might be slippery during raining season and remember to spray mosquito repellent.

KL Forest Eco Park

Hope that you all learnt something new from this post and are able to use your free time more wisely. See you on next post.

We are able to manage everything if we can manage time.