One day trip to the Genting Highlands

My final examinations ended on 8th November 2019, so my friends and I went to Genting Highlands for a one-day trip. We didn’t have a car to drive there so we went there by bus. We bought our bus tickets from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Awana Skyway by using the Redbus application and it only cost us RM10 per person.

On that day, we reached the Bandar Tasik Selatan bus station early in the morning by Grab as we bought the earliest bus ticket which was at 9am. After we redeemed our ticket at the ticket counter, we went to rest at the waiting area. It took us around 2 hours to reach the Awana Skyway. The driver’s driving skill was so brilliant that we did not feel dizzy at all along the way although we were sitting at the last two rows of the seats.

After we reached Awana Skyway, we bought our cable car tickets from self-service kiosks (there are two ways to buy a ticket – either from the counter or a kiosk). There are two types of ticket: Standard Gondola and Glass Floor Gondola. We bought the Standard Gondola ticket which costs us RM8 per person for a one-way trip. Since one of our friends has Acrophobia and we were on a budget trip, we decided not to go for the premium ticket which costs RM10 more and came with a ride on a cable car with glass floors.

The Awana Skyway cable car

Before riding the cable car, we went shopping at the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. It was full of branded shops such as Nike, Adidas, Sasa, Skeches, LEVI’S and so on. You can purchase cheaper branded items there since they provide many offers and tourists can even get more discounts.

The Genting Premium outlets

There were two stops on the cable car route, the first stop is the Chin Swee Temple. It is a Chinese temple and there is a statue of Qingshui within it. Qingshui is a Buddhist monk who was thought to be a deity in Fujian Province, China due to his special abilities to summon rain and drive evil spirits away. You may enjoy the fresh air and attractive view over there and relax yourself. It was also a perfect place to take beautiful pictures since there were many unique constructions such as the nine-storey Pagoda.

The Chin Swee temple

The second stop is the Genting Highlands SkyAvenue which consists of a theme park, restaurants, branded shops, bars and so on. The first thing we did after reaching there was rush to Beauty In the Pot to get our queue number because there were many people queuing for this. It is a hotpot restaurant popular for their service and environment. We had a very satisfying dining experience there although it was a little bit expensive for students like us. However, we saved some money because we surveyed which dishes were most budget-friendly at Beauty In the Pot.

Our budget Beauty in the Pot ingredients

Then, we went to shopping here and there and we found an interesting attraction which was the Train to Busan horror house. There were two men dressed in hazmat suits welcoming us. Two of my friends were scared by them so they waited outside. Only one of my friends dared to discover the place with me. We walked along a corridor to reach the door to enter the horror house. In the end, we didn’t enter because the ticket price was too high and we didn’t have much time left before leaving Genting Highlands. However, we got to snap some pictures with the fake zombies at the exhibition area. I promised myself to enter the horror house on my next visit.

‘Romantic’ dinner with Mr. Zombie

We left Genting Highlands at around 6:45pm and it was an exciting day since it was my first time travelling without my parents accompanying me and it was a spontaneous trip. You all should experience an impromptu trip too!