Life in Block D Hostel

My first day in UCSI On-campus accommodation in Block D was satisfying. The lift is working well, so I am at ease to bring my luggage up to my room. The cleanliness and facility in my room are in good condition. The lighting is sufficient and the air conditioning system is working well. The study table and wardrobe are larger than enough.  However, that previous tenant did not clear the drawers and wardrobe completely. I need to tidy up all her things and throw away which is troublesome. I hope the hostel management will consider to check through the room and clear away all those stuff before getting next tenant in. I am satisfied with the mattress and I sleep well on it. Overall, it is comfortable to study and rest but the bathroom is too far away from my room.

There are plenty of bathrooms and toilets available but only some of them are functioning well. There is no hooks on the back of the bathroom door to hang our clothes or toiletries, which I expect to be there. I always try to take a bath in a random time to avoid the crowd in the bathroom. The pantry is clean but the fridge is really packed, which make it difficult to find my things and really time-consuming. The microwave oven is working well but the inner wall of the microwave oven should be cleaned up. The water heater allows me to get hot water directly but the water is really boiling hot so I need to be really careful. In addition, the pantry is also away from my room. The rubbish bin is also in the pantry and far away from me. Sometimes I find it tiring to walk back and forth between my room, the pantry and the bathroom.

The lift is off on Sunday and public holidays so I need to use the staircase. I have no problem with the staircase but I do not understand why the lift is not on for students use while there are still plenty of students in the hostel on Sunday and public holiday. Besides, my student card suddenly has no access to the door directing to the only staircase to go up to a female hostel. I have reported the problem a few days ago and has no response until now. Because of that, the door is left open all the time now which is kind of dangerous.

Besides all that, I have an understanding roommate. She is really a hardworking person and always studies until late at night. I always sleep around eleven or twelve o’clock at night. She always turns off the room light and uses her own table lamp to study after I go to bed. That is so kind of her because I am really sensitive to light and cannot sleep with the light on. Both of us respect each other’s private space. We still talk sometimes and it is comfortable to study with her. I prefer to live in a single room before because I had others playing music or games or chatting while I study. That is kind of annoying and distracting. Both of us always use earphone and avoid making noise. She is a good roommate. I am lucky to meet her.