MED School

Haloo my loyal readers, as I’ve been scheduling the time to write this post, four months has just passed. Can you imagine when time accelerates before you and laughs at you for being late. I get that all the time. As I’ve mentioned before, Med School was and still is my dream since I was 3. And it finally came true. Well, in short (after 4 months of being here), I would say it’s doing wonders . In this short period of time, Med School has given me the courage to pursue and tackle life, the satisfaction of knowing my facts well, the liberty of making my parents proud, having great friends and last but definitely not the least I’ve learnt how to celebrate and cherish every moment of my life.

Just me posing with the ‘white coat’
An Anatomical model of the Human Heart

I’ve seen many of my friends going out with their friends and family and they post those moments of theirs in Instagram. For a 19 year-old, the only thing I can do is feel pity for myself or feel jealous of them. Instead, I chose to turn the table around, I chose to create a joyful environment around me and make the people surrounding me happy. See, I’ll never say that Med School is not tough but if I do then I’m lying to myself. It is tough but I know that I’m tougher than that. All these days , as I go through each phase in my life , I always think that the next phase that I’m about to undergo will be manageable but then when it came to the ‘Med School phase’ , it was surely a hit on the head I would say.

Books… Books… Books…

Up to this part of the article, I’ve portrayed Med School as a hero. Now, let’s see Med school as a demon in disguise.

(Disclaimer: Not bragging about myself nor my achievements , just would like you to take the inspiration part as an example and see whether it suits you to put into practice)

The good news is in this four months, I’ve gained the respect and love of my med family (Year 1 class) by volunteering in many activities and events that took place. The bad news is, it has been unknowingly affecting my family ties. I started isolating myself from my loved ones, never bothered to see to their needs and many more. Although I realised my mistake late, but still, I could rectify it. I trashed it out with my loved ones and the outcome turned out well. The verdict was Saturday and Sunday equals to ‘family time’. Other than that, I’m free to schedule my time with university work.

My whole Year 1 class

To be honest, I really missed expressing myself to all of you. Thanks for being my loyal readers and keep giving me your love and support. The inspiration that can be extracted out is that life has been divided into four partitions: 1. Academic 2. Curriculum 3. Social 4. Family ( Do not Google, It’s my opinion). Those who can balance these four categories will lead themselves to a happy and hassle free life .

My adorable classmates
With some of my seniors too
A random picture with Suha akka and Wasan

Owh… by the way, I’ve never spoken to you about my med family before right? They are a group of angels that has been sent by God to spread happiness and peace to the world. In a nutshell, they are amazing souls. I mean like at this age , I’ve never had friends that I cherish this much (not forgetting my mother and my foundation darlings) . Those 44 of them mean something to me in their own way. They amaze me by being their real selves every single day which is I would say the hardest thing a normal being can do. My message to my med family: I hope that you guys have the same feeling about me just the way I feel about you guys. All the best for your upcoming exams. You guys know who to turn to if you have any problems, right? Don’t miss me , ok?