Drama to watch

I believed that everyone loves watching drama especially during Constricted Movement Control Order (CMCO) when we cannot go outside frequently. Hence, during the last CMCO, I had watched a few dramas and there were some that I would really like to recommend to all of you.

Chinese drama

  1. Twenty Your Life On (2020)

It is a story about four girls and the worries of youth as they enter adulthood from different perspectives. They are Jiang Xiaoguo, Duan Jiabao, Luo Yan, and Liang Shuang. Jiang Xiaoguo is someone with no power, looks, nor money. She can be said to be the most intelligent among the four girls and always dreamed of becoming a rich and useful person. Duan Jiabao, also known as Dabao, comes from a wealthy family. She is a food lover and very innocent. She is also very carefree and loves to chase after celebrities. Luo Yan, also known as Shi Tou, is someone who loves gaming. However, she owns an overbearing mother who works as a lawyer. Her mother seems to give her a lot of stress and hope that she could further her study in master after completing her degree but Shi Tou seems to go against her mother’s will. Liang Shuang is a beautiful girl. She loves doing everything that makes her be more beautiful and rich.

  1. Grave Robbers’ Chronicles

This is a novel series about the grave-robbing adventures of Wu Xie, a young man who came from a family that had been tomb-raiders for centuries. It is written by Xu Lei who is better known by his pen-name Nan Pai San Shu. There are many series of this novel. At the beginning of the first book, he joins his uncle Wu Sanxing to experience grave-robbing for the first time, setting off the series of events to come in the later books. Zhang Kylin is a man with a mysterious past who joined Wu Xie in many grave-robbing endeavors as an assistant. He is also known as “Xiao Ge”. “Fatty” Wang, who is also known as Pang Zi (fatty) due to his body size, is a northern grave-robber that team up with Wu Xie’s team. Wu Xie, Zhang Kylin, and “Fatty” Wang are referred to as the “Iron Triangle”. Pang Zi is Sansheng’s right-hand man who had served in the Sino-Vietnamese War prior to becoming a grave-robber. A’ning is a grave-robber and the first major female introduced in the series. They are only a part of the main characters in the novel and there will be more new characters introduced throughout the series.

  1. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020)

This drama is about a screenwriter, Chen Xiao Qian who has dedicated her entire life to making her dream of becoming a well-respected screenwriter come true. One day, she mysteriously transmigrated into the pages of her own story and become the Third Princess, Chen Qian Qian. She is an insignificant side character with a horrible reputation and a short lifespan. Since Chen Xiao Qian is the writer of this story, she knows how the story will go. She knows that she will die in the future, so she is desperate to change her fate in the story. During the journey, she catches the attention of both the arrogant and manipulative prince, Han Shuo, and the impossibly-perfect Minister of Education, Pei Heng. The country that she lives in the story is ruled by her mother and is dominant in feminine rights (Matriarchal Society) while the country that Han Shuo lives in was ruled by a male and is dominant in man rights (Patriarchal Society). Please watch this if you are interested in knowing how their lives interrupt.

Taiwanese drama

  1. The World Between Us (2019)

This is a Taiwanese television series crime drama that follows the aftermath of a mass shooting where the fates of the killer, the victims, their families, the media, and the defense forces are all intertwined. Li Ta-chih is a young woman working at the TV news station, she is also the shooter’s sister who had changed her name in order to escape the stigma of her brother’s crime and to get a new life. Sung Chiao-an is Li Ta-chih’s boss in the TV station. She had lost her son in the theater shooting. Ever since then, she behaves strictly and badly not only to her employees but also to her husband Liu Chao-kuo. Wang She is a defense attorney who desires to serve the society’s marginalized which includes defending the theater shooter who strains his young family. From this drama, we can see the reality of life and humanity.

Korean drama

  1. Flower of Evil (2020)

This drama is about Baek Hee-sung, a man who hides his identity and past from his wife Cha Ji-won who is a detective. After a car incident, he lives under another person’s identity who was the real murder but he does not know about it. They appear to be the perfect family on the surface; a loving couple with a cute daughter. On the other side, Cha Ji-won and her colleagues begin to investigate a series of unexplained murders. She is confronted with the reality that her seemingly perfect husband may be hiding something from her.

  1. Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020)

This is about a gumiho (nine-tailed fox) named Lee Yeon who had abdicated his position as the mountain spirit of Barkdudaegan to search for the reincarnation of his one true love Ah-eum. He followed her soul up to the Samdo River and gave her the fox bead as her mark so he can find her when she is reborn again. While Lee Yeon working on a mission, he met Nam Ji-ah who is a smart, brave, and curious producer at the TVC Station. Ji-ah resembles Ah-eum but she does not seem to be her reincarnation at first. Due to this resemblance, she was saved by Yeon when she was a child from a car accident that had killed her parents. Their fates are intertwined when Ji-ah believes that her parents are still alive and Yeon is the only clue she has in finding them. Later on, when the fox bead appeared on her, it revealed that she is Ah-eum’s reincarnation and Yeon swear to protect her at all costs so she could live longer in this lifetime. However, they have a big enemy – Imoogi (python) who sucks the life out of his babysitters as his meal when he was young and wants to take the body of Lee Yeon to marry Nam Ji-ah.

  1. Start-up (2020)

This drama is about the life and fate between three people, Seo Dal-Mi, Nam Do-San, and Han Ji-Pyeong. Their fate is entangled due to letters wrote by Dal-Mi and Han Ji-Pyeong. Seo Dal-Mi’ father and mother had divorced and she followed her father while her sister followed her mother. To make Dal-Mi happier, her grandmother requested Ji-Pyeong to write letters to Dal-Mi by using Do-San’s name and they had become a pen pal. Since then, Dal-Mi had fallen in love with Do-San in the letters. After many years, Dal-Mi met the real Do-San in real life, and Do-San falls in love with Dal-Mi. However, it is still unclear whether Dal-Mi loves the letter “Do-San” or the real Do-San. Their story continued with Dal-Mi as CEO, Do-San as CTO, and Ji-Pyeong as the mentor of Samsan Tech in Sandbox, a place that helps people in the world to start up a company.

These are some of my favourite drama, hope you like it !