The Small Incident That Serves as A Reminder to Me

“Arhh… It was… painful…” I said, as a tear rolled down my cheek. I was shocked at the sudden sharp spike from the injection of anesthesia at my left eye area. Upon hearing, the doctor and nurse patiently comforted me, I tried my best to calm down and stifle my sobs of fear. After a few minutes, I embraced myself for the imminent second injection at the eyebrow area. I clutched my hands tightly throughout the whole process hoping everything would end swiftly. It was only the beginning of the minor operation.

Two months ago, I felt a tiny lump on the eyelid of my left eye. “Ah, again?” Feeling bothered, I questioned myself. This wasn’t my first time; my eyelids were sensitive and lumps often occur due to dust or dirt in my eye. With the eye wash that I bought from the pharmacy and medicine I had; I thought this time it would disappear after some time just like how it previously did. So, I let my guard down and didn’t bother to take care much of it. Two months just passed by and it remained there but this time when I examined it closely, it grew bigger and became reddish.

I decided to take action and went to see the doctor. I went to a trusted clinic and the doctor suggested me to go to an eye specialist. She informed me that I would have to go through a minor operation to remove it, as the lump had been there for too long. Suddenly, I was flooded with remorse and regretted for not taking action earlier. I went to the eye specialist soon after that. The doctor confirmed that I would have to undergo an operation. However, he wasn’t sure of the condition of the lump. Since it had been too long, there was a possibility that the lump might had turned into a “scar”. If it was the case, the doctor would have no way to remove it.

After some hours of waiting, I was finally ready for the operation. I quietly said a prayer in my heart for inner peace before the operation commenced as my body was feebly shaking out of anxiety and terror. The doctor stepped in well-prepared and the operation commenced. After the anesthesia injection, everything went smoothly and the best news was that, the doctor discovered the lump was removable. It was indeed good news to be grateful of. When the whole process had ended, I walked out from the operation theatre into my mother’s embrace with tears welling up my eyes. At that time, I had a mixed feeling of relief and gratitude.

Prevention is better than cure. This small incident serves as a remindful lesson to me to take good care and be responsible of my own body. I really have to carefully observe and examine any unusual signs or symptoms of my body. Lastly, I’m also grateful that this minor operation had been successful and I am blessed with good health.