An overview of a Final Year Project

Most of the students in UCSI has to conduct their research paper known as the Final Year Project as part of the course, in order to complete their program. It is separated into two parts, FYP A and FYP B. The journey to completing both these papers are known to be competing and tough. Before the students are able to undergo these research papers, they must complete a certain portion of their courses to gain sufficient knowledge and experiences to undergo this research paper smoothly.

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It is advised that students who decide to take the first part of the research paper (FYP A), to think and decide on a topic before they take it on the semester they determined on. The research topic must be related to the area of your study. It must also be a new topic that hasn’t been done by others. Students can also select a lecturer as their supervisor for their research paper. They could consult with their supervisor about the possible topic. Once a topic has been set and accepted by your supervisor, an outline report must be submitted to the university. The outline report must include the research topic, who is the supervisor, the research design, and articles that are related to your research topic. This report needs to be submitted to the university at the beginning of the semester, in which you had chosen to undergo your research paper.

Once the students are done with the submission of the outline report, it is advised to start with the first part of their research paper (FYP A) immediately. FYP A consists of three chapters. The students undergoing any part of the research paper must regularly consult with their supervisor, at least once every two weeks. Every time the students are consulting with their respective supervisors, a form must be filled and submitted, together with the respective parts of the research paper. Students always feel lost when they have just started the research. But once the student gets a feel for the steps and the overall plan, it will be less tricky. All data collected must be from relevant and trusted sources. Even when selecting the journals related to the research, it must be from relevant and trusted sources.

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All information or data collected from articles, journals, books, and even websites must be cited correctly using a suitable format. There are many ways to start a research paper, some say it is best to start with the second chapter, called the literature review, before doing the first chapter, known as the introduction. FYP A is known for being the overall plan and introduction to the research paper, whereby FYP B is used for analytical and measurement purposes. FYP B is also the step where the results will be presented. Once you’ve got a grasp of the overall plan and strategies to so-called “attack” your research papers, the following steps will be easier. A research paper is vitally important to the individual learning experience as students conduct their own research on a new problem related to their field of studies. Furthermore, if your research paper is qualified for being published, it will have a great impact on your resume. That’s basically all that I could share about the FYP. I hope this will help you one way or another!