Stranded in Rented Unit

I have been staying indoor in the rented unit near school for almost two months due to Movement Control Order (MCO).  I am touched receiving news that I will be able to go back to my hometown. My boring lifestyle in this limited space may get a fresh change after such a long time. Today, I would like to share with you about my life here, in the unit during Movement Control Order (MCO).

By March 17, I was panicked by the news of Movement Control Order (MCO) but luckily got to stock up some foods. When the MCO just started, everything seemed so strange. Online lectures, online assessments and online tests filled up my daily life. However, staying at home just made me feel that I had plenty of time for working and could not control my own obsession for last minute work. After struggling to hand in every work on time, I will still delay the next work until right before the deadline. I knew that it was a bad habit but it is so difficult to change. 

Things get worse when final examination was being done online. Getting acceptable turnitin scores for online assessment within limited time was frustrating and tiring. That was even harder than the assessment itself. Spending hours in front of the screen correcting unreasonable similarities of my report with other papers was killing my “brain cells.” Online tests and quizzes were easier to handle than online assessments. I was lucky to have only one assessment. I could not imagine how other people with several online assessments simultaneously cope with them. I truly respect their efforts. 

Life aside from online classes and exams was merely cooking, eating and sleeping. I tried a lot of recipes online during the period. My cooking trials achieved more success than failures. I would consider anything edible as a success because I am not a picky eater. My favorite were milo lava cake and truffle omelette. I bought my groceries online and cooked my own meals. I ordered for food delivery when I was craving for something different. 

To prevent gaining weight during MCO, I started exercising based on YouTube videos. It was a great way to use up the excess free time instead of reaching out to the fridge from time to time to get something to nibble on. I was not hungry but just too bored. I had re-watched Goblin and other series online but I wondered why one day can be so long. I tried gaming and found reading suit me better. I read novels online but soon lack of interest to continue. The free time that I have been longing for became so dreadful. I missed my parents and siblings. I missed food in hometown. Surprisingly, I missed school. I missed the time when my classmates and I were restlessly attending lectures, lab, tutorials in the campus while life is so contented although we are always trying to sneak out for fun in between classes.

I don’t know when the physical classes can be continued, but I wish it will started soon. I miss physical exam too because online exams is still remain as such a stranger for me.