More Efforts Needed For The UCSI Volleyball Club To Reclaim Past Glories

UCSI is a university that encourages its students to achieve excellence in both academic and extra cocurricular activities. There are many clubs and societies that students can join. For example, sports clubs, cultural societies and councils available to the students in UCSI.

There are many advantages of joining clubs and societies in university life. It is a stage that provides space and opportunities to communicate with people. Meeting new people who shares the same interest helps you build healthy relationships that are beyond your study scope.

Today I am going to focus on one of UCSI’s famous sports clubs that has brought glory to the university in competitions. It is no other than the UCSI Volleyball Club. This is a very established club in UCSI and has gained many recognitions.

UCSI Volleyball Club Members

The UCSI Volleyball Team in previous years has achieved outstanding awards as showed on the banners in UCSI’s Multiple Purpose Hall which is located in Block A, UCSI University.

Due to the recent graduations of seniors of the volleyball team, the standards of the team has slightly dropped due to the lack of teamwork and communications of new members of the team.

The training time is very limited which is set on every Tuesday and Thursday night, spanning from 2 to 4 hours. As a member of the committee of the UCSI Volleyball Team, they have thought of various ways on how to improve in all phases of each member of the team including their skills, teamwork, responsibilities, devotion and most importantly self-discipline.

For the most recent tournament (MASISWA) held in TARUC during October 2018, they trained really hard and put everything they had into the training they had although they didn’t have much time to train for that particular tournament. I had a chat with one of the team players and this is what he said,

UCSI Volleyball Team for the Masiswa Volleyball Competiton 2018

“As for me personally, I only attended the training once due to the tournament being held near the Final’s Exam period resulting in not being able to attend the volleyball training with my teammates’.

‘Not only that, I even missed 2 days of the tournament due to having my final exams on those particular days. However, I still put in a lot of effort and tried my best in training. Both the men and women team lost before entering the Semi-Finals. I personally think that the reason we lost was due to the lack of training and also the lack devotion of the members of the UCSI Volleyball Team, if those 2 elements were to be put into what we currently have in our members, we would achieve great results in tournaments such as MASISWA’.

‘As for now, the member of the UCSI Volleyball Club is still reflecting on ourselves and finding more efficient ways to improve in every element that is needed as we plan to let the name UCSI University shine bright in the future.”

In conclusion, joining clubs and societies is a great way of interacting with more people. The UCSI Volleyball Club has brought glory to the university in many different competitions and I hope this will be able to continue in the future.