Coffee? Tea? or UCSI?

          It was a hasty decision when I decided to further my study at UCSI University after finishing my SPM exams. When I was surveying for colleges and universities, I attended the open day organised by UCSI University on 4 March 2017. It was the first time where I had the chance to take a close look at UCSI’s environment. During the event, a sweet girl who volunteered to become a student helper came to me and led me for a campus tour around the university compound. She directed me to all the buildings at UCSI University and told me which faculties each of the buildings housed. There were only four buildings at the time when I came which were Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block D.

          Block A housed the School of Optometry, labs, offices, multipurpose hall, and gymnasium. Meanwhile, Block B was primarily the reading area, library and also the computer labs. Next to it, Block C was the building that held classes and also the Dewan Tan Sri Ahmad Razali (DETSAR) which was used as the exam hall. Block D was the hostel in the university. 

          I could still remember that I was really tired from walking up and down the stairs from building to building. Because all the buildings in UCSI University were built along the sides of a hill, so it is necessary to climb up all the stairs in order for you to travel from one building to another. However, I think it is good training for me as I’m a lazy person. By climbing up the stairs daily, hopefully, I am able to enhance my aerobic fitness and built me up with a healthier body.

          Now, in 2019, UCSI University has 2 new buildings which are Block E and Block G. Block E contains all labs for engineering and architecture students, student residences and Le Quadri Hotel. Meanwhile, Block G contains exam center (place to collect the exam tokens before finals), Student Enrolment Centre (SEC), Student Affairs and Alumni (SAA), Trust Scholarship office, offices for each faculty including car parks.

          If you wish to know more about the buildings in UCSI University, kindly download the pdf file here (may be updated). For more information about facilities and services in UCSI, click here.

          Besides, UCSI University is quite close to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) bus station where it is convenience for students who are not from Kuala Lumpur. Take myself as the example who came all the way from Johor. Every time I want to go back to Johor, I will just take the free shuttle bus provided by UCSI. There is a timetable provided by UCSI where it enabled students to manage and determine which time they wish to take the bus. The route taken by the UCSI shuttle bus will be UCSI South Wing→ TBS→ UCSI North Wing (UCSI College) → UCSI South Wing. To know more about shuttle bus schedules, click on the link provided here.

          As a result after attending the open day, I registered as a student at UCSI University on 27 April 2017. I was actually a VERY LATE bird in this case, you know what? The orientation days held for the new batch of foundation students was going to be held on 3 May 2017. May be you are questioning, why was I “late bird” when it came to registering? It is because of some inevitable incidents and personal issues that left me with no choice.

          Till the moment I submitted my registration fees, I have not yet settled my accommodation in Kuala Lumpur and I was not even prepared to leave my hometown. Maybe you can never get to know my feeling, but what I can tell you is, I had never left my hometown before for such a long period more than one week in a strange place, without my parents or even siblings by my side. Moreover, I had only five days from the day I registered to prepare myself and adjust my moods in order for me to leave my parents and travel alone to Kuala Lumpur.

          It was a really hard time, as I could not imagine the days without parents, and I don’t want to leave them for such a long period of time. However, it is an essential process for all teens to learn the ways to survive and live alone outside independently.

          Upon confirming my registration, I had to find accommodation in Cheras within five days time. One of my senior classmates from secondary school had told me there were some Facebook groups available to find the accommodation located near to the university. I was really grateful to my senior, she had told me so many things that I needed to know in order to survive in KL. Again, without her, I could never successfully find my accommodation in such a very short period. Here will be some groups on Facebook that can help you to find a satisfying room (for those who are interested to stay at the accommodation out of campus) 👇🏻

FB group – Angkasa Condo, for rent.
FB group – Angkasa Condo.
FB group – Angkasa Condo Room for Rent.

          After screening through all the rooms for rent in the Facebook groups, I booked the time with all the agents of each of the potential rooms. I had scheduled the time with them in order for me to take a look at the rooms before deciding which one I had wanted to take. It was a beautiful morning on 30 April 2017, when I took the bus to KL with my friend who was willing to accompany me.

          On 1 May 2017, my parents drove me to KL with all my necessities. I had then officially moved into a room to start my university life independently. I could still remember the day when I moved in, I had a sore throat and was not feeling well. Would this be one of the symptoms of homesickness? 😆😆

          Although it was all in a hurry during my journey to further study in KL, I will never regret choosing UCSI University. Now, I’m studying Bachelor of Optometry where the course hopefully will prepare me to become a high-income earner, and where it has tremendous potential for growth, job security, and job satisfaction.

          During clinical training, we can learn in a simulated optometric environment at UCSI, practising on each other before moving on to real patients, under the supervision of experienced lecturers.

          This training provides procedural experiences in case of history taking, performing eye examinations, employing diagnostic techniques, and applying the necessary communication skills to discuss treatment plans and options with patients.

          Qualified professional optometrists in UCSI will supervise the students in various practical clinic sessions, including community service.

          It’s a good way to gain valuable exposure to the eye health needs of the public. This way, we as the students are trained to understand the unique problems and needs of patients in different stages of life, particularly patients in nursing homes.

          From these experiences, the clinician will be able to manage inner-city neighborhood clinics, inmates, and institutionalised as well as low-income patients that wouldn’t have access to the vision care they need.

          These are the reasons why I chose UCSI University in order to study the Bachelor of Optometry. I hope that I can enjoy my university life in UCSI during this four-year study and graduate with flying colors!

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