My Family

My loving family

‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten’. In this short blog, I am going to talk about how important a close-knitted family is to me. First and foremost, I am going to briefly introduce you to my family. I am blessed to be born into a loving and caring family. My mother gave birth to three cheeky little kids and by that, I am talking about my brothers and I. I have two elder brothers, the older one is 29 years old and the second is 26 years old. I am 20 years old this year, so I am the youngest one in my family. As you can see, we are very far apart in age because, at that time, my parents only planned to have 2 children but somehow both came out to be boys. However, daddies always wish to have a girl, so they tried again and here I am!

My family is very dear to me. They are my pillar of support. Whenever I face difficulties, I always come back home and express how I am feeling to them. They will always be ready to lend a listening ear and help me when I need them. They always try their best to help even when it is out of their way. I love my family so so much.

My daddy mummy and I

My mother and father are very loving parents. They show me how it is to love someone in the right way. They also dearly love us, their children. They shower us with love and care every single day. They care for our needs and often our desires too. Even though sometimes they scold me, I know they are only doing that because they want me to grow into a better person. Parents never want their children to get into trouble. They are the ones whom I can trust the most. The sacrifice of parents is endless. Parents never complain when they have to sacrifice their time, money, and enjoyment just to take care of us, the children. Yet, sometimes we take them for granted.

My two elder brother disturbing me

My two brothers often bully me (I mean jokingly bully). They always disturb and tickle me whenever they get a chance. But I can confidently say that our relationship as siblings is considerably close. We might fight and quarrel sometimes, but it never lasts long. There are also times when we become quietly stay and enjoy our time together. I am a lot younger than both of my brothers, so I often needed their help. Of course, siblings being siblings, sometimes they might complain, but in the end, they will still help. Now, as we are all much older and matured, we seldom fight and are much closer to one another.

In conclusion, all of my family members are very important to me. Without them, I would not be who I am today. It is they who shaped me into what I am today. Family is one of the key aspects that structure an individual. It builds the children’s character before they enter the social community. So, I believe a healthy family will bring up a healthy-minded individual.