Life during the Movement Restriction Order (MRO)

Life during the Malaysian Movement Restriction Order (MRO) means a life spent at home 24/7. As I have explained in my recent blog post, this order is meant to help in hampering the spreading of the highly contagious Covid-19.

As a responsible citizen of Malaysia, I have been doing my part even though it is just a small act of obeying the law and staying at home all the time. As an extrovert, I am finding it very hard to not go out. I used to go out every day, either to the university, restaurants, or shops. However, I know that, for the good of the nation and even more my family, I have to stay put at home.

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I have been doing many things for the past week spent at home. First, since online classes are still ongoing, I have been actively involved in all of my online classes held by my lecturers online. We have been using the UCSI Course Networking platform and Microsoft Teams to run our online classes. Although, in my opinion, online classes are not as efficient as physical classes, it is still a great alternative platform for students to continue their learning process during this Movement Restriction Order (MRO).

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Besides, I have been spending my time doing my revision and I have been using any extra time to catch up with my studies. This helps me to equip myself during this period of time so I would not be left behind when university reopens later on. With lots of extra time, I can also do some extra research on topics in my studies that I do not really understand. This allows me to be ready for my final examinations when the partial lockdown stops.

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Furthermore, I have been spending some of my time cleaning my room. It has been some time since I did any spring cleaning due to my busy and outgoing lifestyle. I have always been spending time doing other things and not having time to throw out things that I have not used for a long time. After spending hours cleaning out my room and closets, I feel that my room is now more refreshed and a lot more conducive to do my studies and work.

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Besides that, one thing that I never had time to do was to learn cooking. I have always wanted to learn simple cooking. With this MRO, I have gotten some extra time to work on my cooking skills and learn some yummy dishes which I enjoy. I also managed to do some baking during my free time or in between online classes.

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Finally, the best thing managed to do during this time is spending quality time with my family. With everyone quarantined at home, we got to sit around the table and chat after meals and spend time watching movies together. We never had time to do these things when we were all working and studying. It also made us realize how much we were missing one another even though we stay in the same house. It was amazing when I finally got the time to listen to various stories from my parents, brothers, and even my aunt and grandma who stays with me.

In conclusion, it is not all that bad being stuck at home 24/7. We can always find ways to make our time more productive and do things that we have always procrastinated on.