The 2020 global pandemic

In recent days, a global pandemic has been a hot topic throughout the whole world. Why? This is because the coronavirus has murdered many lives within just a few months and has affected tons of people globally.

On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, a pandemic. Pandemic means that this disease has affected the whole world and not just a country. This disease is not just a normal disease with a stable number of infected people. It’s a disease to be wary of as it has reached a stage where the infected number keeps increasing and affects the majority of people throughout the world today. A disease will not be declared as a pandemic just because it kills a large number of people but also because it is highly infectious and can be passed amongst people easily. For example, HIV/AIDS is also a pandemic due to its highly contagious characteristic. However, diseases like cancer is not a global pandemic as it is not contagious even though it harms the life of many.

Now, let’s talk about this pandemic that had spread the fears amongst the people of the world. This virus does not only affect the health of thousands but also the financial welfare of people around the world. The Covid-19 is not a disease that can be treated lightly. It is believed that the breakout of this virus originated from the Wuhan province of China. It all started from an animal and spread to human lives through the consumption of certain wildlife. in the early stages, the citizens of China and people who have visited this country have been identified as the first batch that had come into contact with this virus.

After some time, this disease caused a lot of concerns as it spreads and affects even countries outside of China. Every day, the number of people getting infected is rising exponentially. Even the number of deaths worldwide is becoming more fearful. This pandemic has now emerged in every continent except Antarctica.

Most people that are infected with the COVID-19 will experience fever and coughs in the early stages. After that, it will change into a mild respiratory illness in which some people could recover on their own without help from medication and special treatments. However, it’s a different case for older generations. They will face great difficulties after being infected by the virus due to their low immune systems. Furthermore, if they have any other preceding illness, the degree of damage will increase and the probability of surviving will become lower. People with underlying medical conditions are also often badly affected due to their body malfunction. Thus, they are more likely to cause other complications that might lead to the need for special medical treatments and machines, or even worst, death.

Up till now, no scientist has been able to produce a successful vaccine that can counter this pandemic. Many countries are working hard with ongoing clinical vaccine trials to produce a vaccine as soon as possible to help curb the spreading of this disease and to save the lives of many. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also working hard on finding ways of resolving this global pandemic.

In conclusion, I hope this pandemic can come to an end as soon as possible. I hope that this infectious disease will stop harming the lives of many throughout the world.