Movies to binge watch

Bored young man at the desk

Are you bored at home? Feel like you binge-watched every TV show and movie in existence? Well, here’s your lucky day because I’m going to recommend more shows for you to binge-watch till you’re yet again out of shows to watch! I like to consider myself a TV/movie connoisseur as I firmly believe that I have watched every single (worthwhile) show out there. These all are just my recommendation and will remain spoiler-free (we all know how much we hate spoilers), so, enjoy.

Breaking Bad

The first show on this list to binge-watch is Breaking Bad. Maybe you have heard of a movie that was released last year, 2019, called “El Camino: “A Breaking Bad Story”, This movie is actually the continuation of the series “Breaking Bad”. This series spanned a whole five seasons before the conclusion, and don’t get me wrong, the series had a great conclusion. But the movie made it all the sweeter as we finally found out what happened to one of the main characters of the series. This show is about how a high school teacher had to become one of America’s most notorious drug dealers/suppliers to support his family with the help of one of his students, who turned to a life of drugs after dropping out of school. The interaction between the characters, the teacher, and the student, is a really interesting one as it shows how drugs slowly change both of their lives. It also shows how a person can be a totally one on the inside hide who they really are so well.

Star Wars Movie Timeline

Next, I would recommend binge-watching the Star Wars movies. If you’ve never heard of Star Wars, I’ll gladly take out all the money from my bank account and give it to you (I only have RM21 in my account). This movie has inspired almost three generations as the first trilogy, or the original trilogy came out in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Then, came the prequel trilogy which was the story that happened before the original trilogy during the years, 1999, 2002, and 2005. Lastly came the sequel trilogy which came out in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Arguably the greatest movies ever made, The original trilogy of Star Wars follows the story of Luke Skywalker, a young boy who unwittingly goes on an adventure with a mysterious old man and ends up realizing that he’s a big part to the universe. The prequel trilogy is the story about a young boy named Anakin Skywalker who deemed the chosen one by the Jedi (people in this universe who are somewhat police) and how he turned to the Dark Side (the bad peoples’ side). The sequel trilogy follows a young girl, Rey, of unknown parentage but was very strong in the Force. She got thrown into the Skywalker world while she was trying to find who her parents are. The sequel trilogy finally ends with the Skywalker Saga and puts this whole story to an end.

Besides that, the greatest series ever made, in my humble opinion, is Game of Thrones. You may have heard of all the awards this series has racked up over the years of its airing. Game of Thrones has had the record of most wins for a single season of television twice in a row. I think that proves how good of a series it is. The show is about the fight of 7 kingdoms to claim the Iron Throne for themselves. This show has dragons, magic, wargs, zombie-like creatures, and…. what more do you need? Although the last season of this series was a disappointing one, the show should not be overlooked. The series spans over eight seasons which is more than some people can handle as each episode is about an hour. But there are only around 10 episodes per season which are bearable. There are also some spin-off shows announced in this universe which should be a very good one.


The next one, I don’t think you would have ever heard of this show called Fringe. This show, is not your basic police show where the good guy police officer catches your typical villain. Instead, this show has elements that everyone would enjoy from time travel, different dimensions, shapeshifters, mind readers, and a whole lot more things that sci-fi lovers would thoroughly enjoy. This show spans over five seasons and my-oh-my, they are the greatest five seasons. You would not regret watching this show if you’re into science fiction. It’s basically a pipe dream for nerds. The series also takes a huge twist in the later seasons which you’ll greatly enjoy. I mean I did, so I would expect everyone to like it as well.

The Office

Have you heard of The Office? It’s a comedy show starring Steve Carell. This show is a cult classic. The story is based on a paper company in America called Dunder Mifflin with the company’s branch manager, Michael Scott leading his office while being {probably) the funniest man on earth. This series has 9 seasons and let me tell you, the series finale will have you soak in tears. After 9 seasons of falling in love with these characters, you’d never want this series to end. This show actually got me excited to work in an office as it made working in an office look so fun. This version of The Office is actually the American version, the original version is from the UK with the same title. You can easily differentiate the two shows by simply looking at the UK or US at the back of the title.


Another comedy show I’d recommend is Community. This show revolves around a washed-up lawyer who has to go back to community college to get a degree because he lied his way into becoming a lawyer (without a degree). The show is actually a crazy show, I’m not exaggerating. The directors, the Russo brothers (directors of the Avengers) somehow made community college seem like the best thing in the world. The show has bizarre adventures such as a paintball war, where a paintball war lasts almost a week, and the constant breaking of the fourth wall making one of the characters “meta”. This show is definitely worth the watch. The show was canceled after the 6th season, you would start to notice how boring the show gets after the 4th season, but let me tell you, it’s still binge-worthy. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) also got his start in this show.

Another movie series I’d recommend is the Harry Potter series. Normally, film adaptations of books flop on the big screen, but this series of movies is one of the few exceptions. The movie is about a boy, Harry Potter, whose parents were killed by the infamous dark wizard, Voldemort, and his adventures attending the Hogwarts school of magic. As each movie progresses, the dark lord slowly gains power and by the last film, battles Harry Potter. The series spans over 8 films and has the same actors, from the time they were kids, till they became adults. You could say they grew up right in front of our eyes. If you’re into magic and that kind of stuff, this is the show for you. Dragons, wands, flying broomsticks, weird creatures, giants, and so much more are waiting for you.

Harry Potter

Lastly, one movie that I love, you can find in any list of best movies, is The Shawshank Redemption. The movie is an instant classic and should be watched by everyone, over and over again, till you get sick of it (which you probably won’t). The movie is about a banker, who gets sentenced to prison for murdering his wife and daughter. At first, he’s very unsettled to life in prison but soon he makes good and powerful friends due to his vast knowledge in banking. There’s also a big twist in this movie, but I’ll let you find that one out yourself.

Well, that’s all for the list of movies I’d recommend. I hope this list helps you get rid of your boredom for a while.