My Experience on E-learning

Due to the Movement Control order (MCO), e-learning system was launched in UCSI University. Online lectures and tutorials are carried out with apps like Zoom and Microsoft Team to replace the physical class to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. Here, I’m going to share with all of you about my experiences on e-learning.

I am having online lecture on Visual Science 3 using Microsoft Team.

Personally, with a stable Wi-Fi connection and good reception, online lectures actually enchance my concentration on the lessons. In physical class, there are lots of distraction, like noises from construction site or chatters from classmates. All those noises are obstructing me from receiving the information precisely from the lecturer. In contrast, online classes with headphone on and everyone muting the mics, except the lecturer, it makes me feel like having a one-to-one lecture with the lecturer. Besides, the lecture can be recorded and replay as many times as I can, until I get and understand every piece of information that I need. Any confusion or difficulty can also be asked to the lecturer by asking question directly or writing messages in the meeting chat. The meeting chat provides great advantages for those who are shy or reluctant to speak in class. The slideshow are also shown in my own screen without any obstruction by the taller classmates sitting in front of me in class. It benefits for students with insufficient height and sit at the back of the classroom. The above advantages are based on my own opinions and requirements, but the situation varies with everyone because of the differences in habits and preferences in study.

However, there is an inability for lecturer to check on students’ status if the camera is off. The lecturer could be unaware of whether the students are actually listening or dealing with other matters on the other side of the screen. The students’ understanding on the topic is also doubted. The lecturer can ask with audio or meeting chat but not everyone will respond and there is a high possibilities of lying or mimicking others’ response to avoid troubles. The situation is even worse when the lecturer just post lecture videos for the students to watch. Without any official surveillance or consequences stated for failure to obey instructions, the students has no motivation to watch the videos and study themselves. For students that have been facing difficulty of concentrating in physical class will be easily distracted by smartphone, hungriness, sleepiness or any other factors at home while having online classes without physical presence of the lecturer . The online class will not work well for them. In that case, giving online quiz with limited time of availability to assess students’ understanding may be a good choice to encourage them to study at home and watch lecture videos posted. That is with condition that the online test or quiz must be set in a smart way to maximally avoid students from cheating on the other side of their screen. Students are always smart in finding their ways to search online for the answer and sharing answers with others, based on their slogan of “Sharing is caring”. These disadvantages might not cause a problem for dedicated students that are always a role model to others. Unfortunately, there are still some groups taking the period of Movement Control order as a holiday to relax and have no motivation for self-study. Therefore, when the physical class resume, they will struggle to catch up with others.

Undeniably, e-learning is the best resolution for this time to avoid students from dropping out of school while staying at home during Movement Control Order. Let’s hope all the things will get better soon and bear with the e-learning to be prepare for the upcoming final exam.

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