Happiness @ 22

More often than not, we spoil ‘happiness’ as the labor of love. A goal we presently can’t seem to reach. In any case, you have come across that ‘Instagrammable’ motivational quote which says that happiness is, rather, the journey not destination.

Sadly, quotes do not resolve any issues. At times, they are simplified to such an extent that we generally misconstrue them. Indeed, I believe that happiness is the journey, however it does not imply that our new objective is to now be happy all the time. That is the part where individuals get the idea of happiness wrong because it is not constant. Your journey does not need to be in every case splendid and wonderful. There will be storms along the way.

Therefore, it is time to erase that misinterpretation from your neurotic pathways. Happiness is not constant. If you are in the wake of perusing this quote, you have set yourself to accomplish 100% happiness, you are bound to disappointment and frustration. Happiness is not the goal, yet it is not entirely the journey.

So what is happiness? How dare a 22-year-old like me address you on such ‘insight’?

I do not have a definitive response to the definition of happiness, however I do need to concede that occasionally I would find myself being happy. Also, by getting those moments, it has taught me a lot about myself and what happiness means to me.

The idea of ‘happiness’ is mind boggling and ever-changing throughout our life stages. Much the same as love. When I was a child, genuine happiness came through getting candy as endowments

So what is the significance of happiness at 22?

How can a 22-year-old feel content with what she has when she has not earned her first pay check, is living on a student spending plan and stays in a small apartment? At 22, there is such a great amount of work in progress. There is so much to focus on and achieve.

As the semester began, I would consider how far I have come: I have a place I can call home, friends I can spend time with whenever, and truly, enough cash to live and appreciate life. I do not generally have the entirety of this all the time and not every person has these privileges or such an autonomous life. My parents do not get worked up about my whereabouts. As a student my life is not luxurious, yet it is sufficient for me to feel upbeat. And, that is happiness at 22 for me. That sentiment of having enough.

Money does not buy happiness. Having limited resources forces you to work around them so you do not lack the fundamental things throughout your everyday life. That is one of the greatest lessons I have learnt during the course of my university life.

Thus, happiness at 22 is actually the inclination that you have enough.

What does happiness’ mean to you at your specific age?