Senior Year

Looking back at her school yearbook, Trish remembered all the good, bad, embarrassing, fun and memorable times that Trish had in high school. It had been 4 years since Trish left her dearly missed high school – Riverlake High. It just seemed like just yesterday that Trish was roaming the busy hallways, filled with students from every race, culture and different walks of life. Trish distinctly remembered the fresh smell of floor polish that filled the empty hallways when Trish went early to school. Her mother was a full-time nurse, so she had to go to the hospital at odd hours. Consequently, on certain days she would drop Trish off super early to school. It was a pretty good thing that Trish made friends with the friendly and kind-hearted janitor, Bill. Bill was always nice and kind enough to let Trish in especially on days like that.

Trish then thought back about her two best friends, Marilyn and Sam. They were all in the same class and were close ever since high school started. Their meeting spot was always at Trish’s locker, directly right next to the female’s washroom – also their secret hide-out in case the discipline teachers or the “popular” kids were within their sight. In every high school, there were always cliques. Every high school has its jocks, nerds, Asians, computer geeks and, of course, the girls who think their existence is essential to the continuation of the human race, popular girls. Trish smirked just thinking about it. Kayla was the so-called leader of the pack who had everything, and I mean anything. She was rich, blonde, beautiful and was definitely all guys’ type.

Apart from the popular clique, the teachers totally made an impact on Trish’s life. She had this one teacher named Mr. Twist, who completely changed her perspective of life, He taught her History. Although History was one of the most boring subjects, Mr. Twist somehow had the ability to make it fun and interesting without every going off topic. He brought them on field trips but not like the kind of field trips to wat museums and all that, no. He brought to the actual historical sites. Because he was fairly wealthy, helped pay for the students who could not afford the trips because his policy was that you cant learn history without first seeing where it came from. Because of him, their class aced their examinations with flying colours. Another teacher that made a difference was Ms Valerie. At first she seemed like a strict woman who swallowed her feelings but you couldn’t really blame her because shed been divorced twice. It really never was her fault, she just never found the right person to handle her craziness.

But in all honesty, she was a remarkable Science teacher. During class, she would put aside her emotions and teaches Science with a passion that was admired by not only the students but many teachers as well.  If Science was a person, I Bet Ms Valerie would marry it and live happily ever after – definitely not intentionally making her whole love story seemed any sadder than it already is.

Before anything else, nobody was ever too much of a goody two shoes back in high school – let us all not lie to ourselves. Trish was one of the top students in Riverlake High who was one of the students to receive awards for being the only girl who gets a higher distinction in English language paper. However, on a peculiar day, Trish and her best friends were planning on skipping just one day of school to watch a movie in the mall before their last day of high school – because she did not see why she should not let loose a little with her best friends before everything ends for good. So, Trish and her best friends had decided to skip for movies but Trish, being one of the most outstanding students in school, was not able to get away from the teachers in school thus her absence from school was easily noticed. Principal called her parents and of course what comes next was a no-brainer – grounded and she was not allowed to step out of the house unless it was for some valid reasons.

Some days were tough for Trish but she never once regretted making those foolish decisions that got her into trouble because she believed that all of that were what made her high school life even more memorable.

Of course, the next thing that Trish reminisced about was the food, the glorious food” Actually that’s totally over exaggerated. The food in school was anything but glorious. It was actually quite distasteful. They offered many different selections so you could take your pick. You could choose from wilted beans, almost mouldy macaroni and cheese – Yikes! I bet you could smell how nasty it is just reading the sentence, am I not correct eh? – not to mention, the infamous meatloaf. That meatloaf caused umpteen stomach-aches and trips to the toilet that many students pray not end up in. They were not even sure what kind of meat was in that thing. Even cockroaches kept their distance. It was only good for one thing and only one, food fights! The thought of that made Trish cracked up laughing to herself because on one occasion, she was the culprit who started the food fight. Good times, good times.  

As she continued to flip through her old and dusty yearbook, she came across a piece of paper that was slipped in. It happened to be the letter that her current boyfriend, Joe sent to her asking her to be his prom date that senior year. She smiled as she remembered that rainy day when he went down on one knee but got back up again because he injured his leg playing football a day earlier. And of course, Trish said nothing else but “ yes” and that yes made her a very, very happy girl during and also after prom. Prom, one of the best nights of Trish’s life. The ambience was so magical that it took her breath away. Fairy lights were draped all over the ballroom and everyone wore their best to impress. They dances all through the night and cried when the slide presentation of their final days in high school were shown at the every end. That was the moment Trish realised that high school was coming to an end.  She would not have to wake up at five in the morning, she would not get to meet her best friends at her locker because it would be somebody else’s locker, she would never get to experience Mr Twist’s lectures and Ms Valerie’s interesting Science lessons. It was all ending and at that moment in time she wished it would never end.

Wiping a tear rolling down her cheeks, Trish closed her yearbook with so much emotions and memories flashing back in her mind and put It back into the box where she had found it. Then she looked out of her bedroom window and imagined herself back in high school again. It really meant a lot to her and was the time of her life and definitely engraved back in her mind since then.