What is compassion?

God created man, a fashioning of His magnificence. When He created man, he created everything else; character, life, intelligence, emotions and everything nice. Of course, what is the point of life without tests? He wanted to make sure that when He created man, when He sculptured him to perfection, he was good from the inside out and was worthy to one day bask in His magnificent grace. So then came the brother of Good; Evil.

As we all know, sad to say, the passengers and cabin crews of MH370 are not going to see another day; another dawn of promises, another night of wonders, another hope of come blissful spring, another grandeur of the changing autumn, another beauty of winter’s dance or another heart summer’s day. A tragic event that changed the course of history. AN event so sad and heartfelt that all corners of the world are wrapped in a veil of anguish and torment.

Day by day, by each passing step, the whole world is coping and grieving for the poor souls lost, a feat I admire because come to think of it, mankind is at its peak of magnificence. Every living breathing soul alive has done his part and still is doing whatever he can In the hope of returning the missing souls back to their families when in any other case all hope is gone. Countries, which when compared to Malaysia, seemed like gigantic titans, are extending their hand to help us in this tornado of misery. America is sending planes and jets, China is sending ships and Australia is leading the search. Countries, which days ago were indefatigable in relishing their greatness relative to us; countries that were hell bent on proving their superiority and we, fighting back with all that we had, swords plunging, guns blazing, canons firing; literally hell on Earth.

Then there was an act of God. An emotion long planted into the hearts of man, an emotion long buried deep, tired of its endless sleep, resurfaces on one peculiar day at a peculiar time; compassion. A gift from God that rarely is used but on that day, we dropped our swords, we tossed aside our guns and we abandoned our canons. On that day, we were humane, It was indeed history of modern times when the whole world came together in one voice. We set aside our animosity and hatred and came together to face the dreaded storm. Calls were made, strategies were constructed friendships were woven and most importantly, unity was struck, bond so tight I am sure it can never be broken. And what was the cause of all this? Compassion. An emotion so strong it could create others. The help from all corners of the world was like water to a thirsty man lost in the desert. I could not imagine where we would be in the midst of this chaos; if not for the help of the people of the world.

But what grieves me is the act that it had to take an unforgiving tragedy that left so many scarred for life to ignite the compassion in us. When yesterday, we held knives at each other’s throats, a twist in events sent us to console each other. Life is but a simple essence. It’s filled with thoughts and voices and concepts we can never fully understand. An essence which is so strong that we could survive the devils of war. At a time when a modern Rasputin was showing his true colours. The world had to bear again the wrath of hidden human evil, so crazed for power.