Best Places To Study In UCSI

Studying can sometimes be very stressful which is why we like to do it at home or in a library where there are no disturbances or distractions. But as a university student, you tend to spend most of your time in your university. For us, in either the North Wing or South Wing of UCSI University. Everywhere you look you can see students studying, sometimes in not the most ideal of places. There are distractions, loud noises, and people just generally being annoying by breathing too loudly or something. That is I have come up with a list. A list that will inform you of what I think are the best palaces to study in UCSI. From my experience, the best places to study are those that have an atmosphere that is quiet and cold, the perfect studying place. Well thankfully, we have some pretty good study areas here in UCSI.

The first place I’d recommend is, obviously, the library. The library here in UCSI which is also known as Block B, has 5 levels. Yes 5 levels. The first two levels are two of the best places to study in the university. The first level, right after the entrance, has a section full of comfortable couches that can help you relax while reading your notes or watching an educational video (or sometimes having a nap). I do not normally study there as it is really cold but I have asked a few people and they say they enjoy the cooling atmosphere which is why they choose to study there. At the left side of level 1, there are two long tables that can be used to study on as well, if you need a table.

Next, the place I would recommend is Block A. Block A is probably the first block you see. For the most part, it is filled with student chatting and walking around but surprisingly, it has its nice and quiet areas when there are no events going on. If you do not mind the sounds of people talking and walking around, the lobby at block A is the perfect place for you. If you walk around the back of the stairs, you can see a bunch of tables and chairs right in front of the restaurant. This is where I would recommend to study as you can see a lot of students studying there as well. It is the place that I always go to when I reach university super early and the library has not opened yet. I like the secluded feeling that sitting under the stairs give off because it helps me get in the mood to study.

Lastly, I would recommend Block G. This place is the last I’d recommend because there are not many tables present there, mostly chairs and couches. This would be the best place if you were just using your laptop or just want to sit down and rest. There are also a few shops there to buy your food if you are looking for a quick energy boost. On the 1st floor of Block G, there is a café that has tables and chairs and would be perfect to study at but they do have a policy where if you want to enjoy their facilities, you have to buy something to eat or drink.

So, those are just my recommendations of the best places to study in UCSI’s South Wing. There are probably a lot more but I always use these ones as they meet my requirements.