To My Best Friends, I Love You!

What does friendship mean by?

Friendship is a divine relationship, that is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Hence, friends are made by heart, not by skin color or status. For me, friends are like a treasure that everyone should have. Like what the old said, ‘we cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends’. God had given us the opportunity to choose our friends because they are the one who help and accompany us in our lifetime, we might have different friends in different stage of life. I can say that a life without friend would mean nothing because we don’t have anyone to share with whenever we feel sad or happy.

How I met my best friends in university?

2018 is the time when I met both of my best friends in university. Three of us came from different cities, Kedah, Penang and Johor. We had known each other during Foundation in 2017 but we were not that close because we had our own groups of friends. However, when we went for degree in 2018, our friends had led to different degree courses. So, three of us mixed together automatically starting from orientation day. Since then, we are so close with each other as we attended class, eat, shopping and spent our weekend together.

Everyone who had just met us even thought that we have known each other since our childhood time but the fact is ‘No!’. They even gave us a nickname, ‘Three sisters’ but we really don’t like it because it sounds like procrastination. However, this does not affect our relationship, we still stick to each other.

Three of us have different personality, due to these different personality, we are able to complement each other’s weaknesses and this makes us to be a better person. Hence, a good friend can lead you to success.

How to maintain a good friendship?

The key point to maintain a good friendship is toleration. Everyone belongs to difference individual, friends should be with each other in all situations and accepting everybody’s differences. We should also think of each other before taking any actions so that we do not hurt anyone. Honesty is also an important point in building a good and long-lasting relationship. This will build trust in a relationship and help you to make better decision faster since you have trust in that person.

Why do we need friends since we already had families?

We may get help from family when we are staying in the house, but we need help from friends when we are out from home. Instead of the sweet memories with families, there will also be happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime with your friends. Since we are having different characteristics, friends might be the torchlight to lead you when you are trap in darkness. They can give us useful encouragement and good idea.

There are different definitions of friendship and it is upon you as to how you feel and believe your relation to be. Friendship can happen anytime, it might happen when you ask someone for direction of a place by the roadside, or when you help someone. Friends might appear anytime although you are not aware of their existence. Hence, make friends by your heart!