Father, The Role Model of My Life

Father is the backbone of a family and the role model of the children. They will work tiredlessly to support the entire family. They are super capable and there’s nothing that they seem they can’t do. At least, that’s what I feel about my father. He is like a superman that hold my family together and push us together to move forward. Therefore, I feel really lucky that I have such a reliable and strong father figure in my life.

Father’s Day in Malaysia falls on 21st June, which is the third Sunday in June for last year. However, it might be celebrated on different dates for some countries. Australia is one of four countries where Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. The others are New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.

This year, I feel so blessed and excited to celebrate Father’s Day together with my family! As in the previous years, I was not in my hometown to spend the day with my loved ones due to some classes, assignments, or events in school that tied me up. The announcement of MCO (Movement Control Order) did create a golden chance for me to enjoy my holidays in my hometown with my family. I prepared a surprise for my dad this Father’s Day and let’s see how it was!

In our daily lives, we may shy to express our feelings by saying words such as ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ especially to the closest loved ones. Hence, I prepared a handmade card for my dad with some appreciation notes inside to show my gratitude, respect, and my love for him.

“No father can be compared to you, none would even come close to being the father you are, you are the best among the rest and there is no denying that. I love you, dad. ”

A handmade card for my dad.

Besides, I decided to bake a cake for my dad during this Father’s Day. I never tried to bake a cake before hence I asked my aunt for help. She masters the baking skills very well and all of us love her cheesecake very much! She suggested I make a butter cake first for a beginner. Well, let me share some simple steps of baking a butter cake with you.

First, we need to cream the butter and sugar by mixing them together. The process is done until the batter becomes very light and fluffy, and the color turns from the initial bright yellow to pale yellow. After that, we prepare dry ingredients such as flour, salt, and baking powder for later use. Then, we add the eggs and milk into the batter followed by the dry ingredients. Before we pour the mixture into the baking pan, don’t forget to apply some oil to its sides and base! Since it was my first time baking a cake, I forgot to do so and in the end, the cake stuck everywhere on the pan. Luckily, I managed to do so during the second try. Lastly, put the batter into the oven and bake it. Now we are done!

DIY butter cake.

Even though it took me a long time, it was worth it. My dad loves the cake so much! He kept praising me for making such a nice cake, but I think it should be credited to my aunt. It is because she was the one who taught me step-by-step how to bake a mouth-watering butter cake. For me, the mixing and baking procedures are just nice, but the process to weigh the ingredients one-by-one does really give me a headache. As I have only the manual weighing scale in my house, I need to readjust the scale into zero every time when I use different containers (with different weights) to hold the ingredients. Of course, I have this problem just because I am too lazy to do mental arithmetic during the weighing process. Maybe I will get myself an electronic weighing machine instead of the manual one if I wish to try baking again next time.

That’s how I celebrate my day with my family. How about you? I hope that all of you could have a great time with your fathers and also your family too!

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