What variety show to watch?

There are so many new show coming out recently, so I would like to share some of my favourite shows for all of you.

Chinese show

  • Mr. Housework 1 (2019) and 2 (2020)
Mr. Housework Season 1
Mr. Housework Season 2

This is a reality show focusing on how men are taking care of their homes. This is because in almost all country especially China, women had to manage their responsibilities at work and home, hence, through this reality show, the show’s producer hopes that this will inspire discussion about this issue. Men also have the responsibility to do housework as it is not the duty of women only.

Season 1 features three celebrity families such as; a young acting couple – Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi, roommates – Wang Su Long and You Zhang Jing, and Wei Da Xun’s family.

For Season 2 the guests are roommates – Guo Qi Lin and Fan Cheng Cheng, Hong Kong couple – Wong Cho Lam and his wife, China couple – Yang Zi Shan and his husband Matt Wu, Zhang Ji Ke and his families, and Yang Di with his families.

  • Wow! Nice Figure Season 1 and 2
Wow! Nice figure Season 1

This is China’s first-ever weight-loss life observation reality show. Before their weight loss journey started, they have to sign a contract with Program Team. They have different witnesses for each guest during the whole journey. The witness will observe the guest during this period. Their responsibility is to report to the Program team in the case that the guest offends any of the terms stated in the contract. If such a thing happened, the guest will have to get punishment.

The guests for Season 1 are Crystal Zhang Tian Ai, Qiao Shan, Ling Xiao Su, Wang Ju. Du Hai Tao, and Oscar Qian. Crystal Zhang is the role model of the show, she has a perfect body shape and a disciplined lifestyle. Qiao Shan, Ling Xiao Su, and Wang Ju are trying to lose weight. They want to change their lifestyle for a healthier body. Throughout the show, we are able to know there are different ways of losing weight and live a healthier life.

Wow! Nice figure Season 2

As for Season 2, the guests included are Cheng Xiao, Yang Di and his mother, Chloe Zhao Yi Huan and her boyfriend – Li Bo En, and Li Xiang and her husband – Wang Yue Lun. Cheng Xiao is a member of South Korean-Chinese girl group called Cosmic Girls. Although she owns a good body shape, her lifestyle is too unhealthy and her body health report shows a bad result. She hopes that through this show, she can live a healthier and happier life. Yang Di is having a bad lifestyle too, he loves drinking Coca-cola, eating unhealthy food, and never have the time to go for eye surgery although his eye condition is getting worse. Zhao Yi Huan is an actress who has a perfect body figure and a healthy lifestyle, she wants her boyfriend to live a healthier lifestyle and loss weight. Li Xiang and her husband Wang Yue Lun are both having an unhealthy lifestyles. They love to eat junk food and hate doing workouts. Throughout this show, they started to change their life by eating healthier food and started going to the gym.

This show is really suitable for those who need motivation during their weight loss journey.

  • Chinese Restaurant Season 1 – 4

Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese celebrity reality show. In this show, celebrities are sent to foreign places to start up their new Chinese restaurant business. They are manager, chef, waiter or waitress, cashier, and dishwasher. There will be guests to join them in different episodes. The main idea of this show is to introduce the many kinds of Chinese culinary dishes to the whole world. In the first season, they went to Ko Chang, Thailand. Since the taste of Thai people is quite similar to Chinese’, they get many customers every day. Then, they went to Colmar, France, for season 2. They faced many problems and there are just a few customers in the first few days. For Season 3, they went to Taormina, Italy. They faced the same problems as in Season 2. As for Season 4, it is quite special, their restaurant was on a ferry and they travel along the Yangtze River Basin of China, stopping at different ports every few days. Their final destination was Wuhan, China. The money that they earned throughout the journey was used to prepare food for all the front liners in Wuhan, China, to appreciate their efforts fighting against Corona Virus.

Throughout this show, I found out that there are so many delicious dishes and I had tried to make a few of the easy ones to try out. They are really tasty!

  • Wonderful time
Wonderful Time

This show is about four solo artists working together to form a music band. They usually perform on a big stage in a concert and this is their first time performing in front of the audience at such a close distance. They had gone to different places in China such as Shenzhen and Beijing. Other than four of them, there are also different guests who were invited to join them in different episodes.

  • Who’s the Murderer (S1-6)
Who’s the murderer?

As the name of this show, it is obviously a detective show. Chinese artists are invited to solve the murder case set by the program team. They play their role as the victims, murderers, and detectives in different cases. They are given chances to search through the dead, suspected location, and ask the witnesses to collect the evidence. Each suspect is given detailed information about the character they are portraying, including their personalities, relationship to the victim or other suspects, history, criminal motive, and so on. Every suspect can hide that information until explicitly questioned by other suspects or the detectives, and only the criminal can lie. The layout of those locations is getting more professional and advanced as the episode goes on. There are many different themes for this show. The scariest theme for me is the “Terrifying Nursery Rhyme”. Those who like to solve detective cases should try to watch this show.

  • Great Escape (S1,2)
Great Escape Season 1
Great Escape Season 2

Have you ever played an escape room game before? This show is about a group of people working together to escape different secret rooms. They were brought to the secret room by a van. When they reach the destination, they were blind folded and guided into the secret room. After they got inside, the blindfold was opened and the game started. There are different theme room and it is quite scary sometimes because some NPC will jumpscare you out of the blue! So please don’t split your popcorn while watching, hehe!


Don’t be shocked by its name, it is a road movie-style reality show involving three brothers, Deng Chao, Chen He, and Lu Han. They departed from east to west and they have to work during the journey to earn money for traveling. Other than that, they have to hide their real identity while working because if anyone recognizes them and called their name, their money will be deducted according to the number of times their names are called. They have tried different types of jobs during the journey and it is a quite comedic show. I would suggest you to watch this show whenever you feel down so you get a chance to let loose and laugh out loud as what was on the title “HAHAHAHAHA”.

Hope you like these variety shows and you would learn something from them.