Helping the underpriviledge during this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had been around for quite some time and many people have lost their jobs, retrenched, or fired by their company. Some families are not able to buy food and some are in critical financial crisis. This underprivileged community needs our help in any way we can. May it be just a meal or two, it would help them to fight for survival.

Last month in December 2020, I had the privilege to prepare gifts and food for the underprivileged. My parents and a few other friend worked together to wrap and prepare present for orphanage children. We wanted to give them a Christmas to remember during this pandemic as many of them are suffering due to lack of funds from the corporates. We did talk to some of the home managements and was told that some of them are facing financial difficulties to continue supplying food for the children that lived there.

My family and friends decided to prepare Christmas gifts for the children in the orphanages. So first we collected the wish list from the children in the orphanage. They were of different ages and had different needs and wants. We worked with the management of the orphanage to collect the wish list from the orphans. We gave them a budget limit of RM30 per child so that they can write something that they really want within the limit.

After collecting the wish list, we divided the items among our friends and family for everyone to do their part to buy the items. Due to the pandemic, many of the items were bought from online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. We waited for the item to arrive and gather them in one place. After the items arrived, we then started to wrap the items nicely to look like Christmas presents. We wanted to wrap the gifts so that they will bring smiles to the orphan in the orphanages. It has been a challenging year and being able to bring smiles to their faces meant a lot to us. After preparing the Christmas presents, we also went grocery shopping to get food supplies for the orphanages. We bought food supplies such as rice, oil, and other daily necessities that can help sustain the orphanages.

Next, after collecting everything that we wanted to bring to the orphanage, we agreed on a date with the home to visit them again to pass on the gifts and supplies. We went there right before Christmas to give our the present to the children. There were so many bright smiles when we arrived. It was really amazing to see them to happy and the young ones jumping around happily. We started giving out the present and supplies to the home. It was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget.

In conclusion, helping the underprivileged during this pandemic was a memorable experience. To be able to bless the orphans was a blessing and through this experience, I learned how blessed I am to have everything I need and want. I also learned to be more grateful for what I have.