Throwback to SPE Night 3.0

As we walked on home, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of my team and I for making history in our student chapter for hosting such an awesome event and for having best friends like Mohsen and Noman to count on to help out in all my undertakings. SPE Night 3.0 was truly a night to remember and one which I will cherish for all the years to come.


I had lost interest in everything I enjoyed doing – and that included hosting. I had developed a severe case of social anxiety that made it extremely difficult to conversate with a group of people; in no state of mind was I prepared to stand in front a crowd of over eight hundred students and speak through a microphone.


…I recall feeling exceptionally stupid and sad: I have all these friends who loved me and yet I couldn’t love myself enough for all the things I do. It’s true that my mind is often cruel to me, but my friends weren’t going to let any darkness of that sort ruin my moment. The amount of love and support I felt that day was so overwhelming that for the first time my best friend Amro was able to capture a picture of me grinning with teeth as I stood next to the greatest people in my life.