PSA 2019 Annual General Meeting

PSA Committee Board 2019 

On 16 Oct 2019, the Psychology Student Association has held its Annual General Meeting and the election of Committee Board for the year 2020. All psychology students were welcomed to the AGM.

To be honest, I had some personal feelings towards the AGM that day. It was because this was the last club event organised by the Committee Board 2019. Not to mention, it was also the last chance I can work with other committee members as a team to contribute to the Department as well as psychology students at UCSI University.

The AGM began with a brief introduction about the society itself. PSA is not only an academic society, but we always aim to encourage all Psychology students to be involved and exposed to psychology events that are organised inside and outside the university. By this initiative, we are not only giving back to the students, but we can help to enhance students’ experiences to prepare them for their future careers.

Then, person-in-charge (PIC or Organising Chairperson) of each PSA event were on stage one after one to introduce the students what PSA has achieved within this year.

In the year 2019, PSA has successfully brought up 6 events to the students. These events are:

  1. 22 Feb 2019, Psychology Night
  2. 09 May 2019, Welcoming Party for 2019-05 Semester students
  3. 13 May 2019, UCSI Spreads the Blue 3.0: Autism Day 2019
  4. 24 June 2019, Kajang Prison Field Trip
  5. 27 Sept to 01 Oct 2019, Tan Sri Dr. Omar Awards: Together at UCSI Garden
  6. 01 Oct to 04 Oct 2019, Psychology Week

Another achievement that the PSA has obtained in the year 2019 has included its success to be selected as the finalist in Tan Sri Dr. Omar Awards. This award was a social enterprise track that empowers UCSI students to voice out for social change that can promote education as a force for good. PSA has submitted 2 projects to participate in this award in which one of our projects, namely “Together at UCSI Garden”, has been selected as one of the finalists from a total of 13 projects. Even though this project has failed to make its way to the final top 3, but the initiative to create social inclusion among Autistic kids to the society by gardening together has received good reviews in general.

After the PICs’ presentation, Dr. Zhooriyati (the Club Advisor) presented the token of appreciation to the Committee Board 2019. Dr. Zhooriyati expressed her gratitude to the committee board for their efforts and time that have contributed to PSA. Besides, she also hopes for improvement and innovation from the newly elected committee board to maintain the PSA’s mission to serve the psychology students.

Followed by the election of Committee Board 2020, the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6 EXCOs were opened for election from the nomination lists. After a few rounds of raising hands to indicate their trusted candidates, the previous President announced the formation of the new committee board for the year 2020. The Committee Board 2020 will be led by the new President, Aniq Luqman, who was the Logistic Director in the previous committee board. The current committees are current students from Year 1 to Year 3, which can ensure they will have better understandings about their peers in the same academic year.

The AGM is completed with the group photo session. Other than that, the new committee board is delighted and ready to serve the psychology students. It also marked the end of my service as the Secretary to PSA. Let us provide them our supports and looking forward to their events in the coming year!

PSA Committee Board 2020