A Trip to the Orphanage

I have always felt blessed to have a complete family. So seeing orphanage children makes my heartache. Last year, I had a chance to visit the Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Trinity in Selangor. This event was in conjunction with my ‘Outreach Programme’ as an assignment for TITAS. I took this opportunity to visit the orphanage as I have always wanted to do so.

Picture with the food before we distributed them

My groupmates and I applied for funding from a church name Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church. The church supported us with RM 5,000. They also gave us another sum of money to buy food for the children and to buy stationeries for them. Overall, we had a few group meetings to discuss the plans on the visitation day. We did some preparations to make some games for the children. Such as preparing some balloons for the game there.

On the day of the visit, we bought 25 sets of McDonalds Double Cheese Burger for the kids in the orphanage and also the workers there. We departed from UCSI University around 4 pm and reached the Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Trinity at about 4.30 in the evening.

Bringing some old clothes for the kids

When we arrived, the first thing we did was to greet the staff and the children there. They were very friendly while the kids were very active. All of the cute little children and the volunteers who worked there welcomed our arrival. They looked so happy when they saw us. They cheered happily and received us with open arms. We were surprised by their enthusiastic response. After a short greeting session, we distributed the food that we brought to the staff and children in the home. The children were so happy seeing the McDonalds that we brought for them and enjoyed their meal.

After the meal distribution, we helped them do some of the chores in the orphanage home. We helped them sweep the floor, fold their clothes, mop the floor, and clean up the house. We worked together with the children in the home. We had a great time interacting with the kids while doing the chores.

Helping with house chores

At about 5.30 pm, we had an ice-breaking session with the children. We played the game that we had prepared beforehand. Everyone had so much fun. Of course, we cleaned up the area after we played the game. Although we were all sweaty, it was a great experience.

Games Session

At about 6.30 pm, we had a photography session with everyone from the orphanage. Our funding sponsors, Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, also sent a representative who joined us at the money giving ceremony. We gave the cheque worth RM 5,000 to the caretaker of the home. Finally, we left the place at about 7.00 pm.

Picture with a few of the kids

The experience I got from this outreach program made me appreciate the love and warmth I get from my family. I also realized the countless things that I have been enjoying, unlike the orphanage kids who could not enjoy some of the things that I had. This made me value the things that I have and appreciate every single one of them.