Distance Learning- Staying Physically Active

During this period of Distance Learning when students mostly only attend online classes instead of physical ones, without extra caution, one might easily fall into living a sedentary lifestyle. Being physically active is important for our metabolism and ultimately our physical and emotional well-being. Below are a few tips to stay physically active during this period:

1. Walk
-Walking around even in small spaces back and forth can help your remain active. For example, you can walk up and down the stairs in your house.

2 .Take time to stretch throughout the day
-There are many known positive effects when it comes to stretches, one of them is increasing the blood circulation to different parts of your body, as a result, you would also feel more energetic!

3. Do some simple workout!
-Regular simple workouts can be done regularly, the Tabata workout is a fun way to keep yourself moving!

4. Stand up regularly.
-Standing up regularly can help reduce your time of being physically inactive. Research says to stand up every 30 minutes.

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