Pergerakan Balik Kampung IPT

Hi guys! I received an announcement on my flight back to Sarawak on 15th of May. This indicated that my self-quarantine life in my rented house for almost two months finally came to an end. What a great relief! I had my health assessment done in Laurent Bleu Medical Centre on the next morning before getting my luggage packed. The doctor checked my body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate, then filled out my self-printed health assessment form with a stamp of verification. Six o’clock in the morning of 17th of May, together with other students from Kuching, Sibu and Sarikei, we gathered at Block G cafeteria and had a briefing from the person in charge. It was raining with a cool breeze. We were quite agitated to be asked to fill in a form at the school main entrance in rain. We had our attendance taken and got up on the bus. We were instructed to fill out health declaration form and acknowledgement form while the bus was heading to the airport. I slept through the journey.

After roaming about the airport for a while, we were in bewilderment when we were asked to get back on the bus. Then, we were informed that we had gone to the wrong airport and would then head to KLIA. That was a fresh experience for me. Since we started the journey early, we had plenty of time to correct the mistake. After reaching airport, we were instructed to keep social distancing of at least one metre while doing check in and baggage drop. An e-health declaration form for entering Sarawak was instructed to be filled in on our phones. That form really got on my nerve. It did not allow spacing and kept on repeating the letters I typed itself. I spent a long time deleting the unwanted letters and typing those I wanted. That was really frustrating so I got the officer at the counter to help me.

After that, we were brought to the departure hall and waited for boarding. For your information, I did not remember how many times my body temperature was checked (so don’t ask) but the interesting part was my body temperature kept on dropping, might be due to the air-conditioning in airport. We received another paper-based health declaration form to be filled in before entering Sarawak. Social distancing was applied in business class but not in economy class in flight but all students were wearing masks. Light refreshment were served during the one and a half hour flight. Most students did not dare to remove the mask to eat or drink in the flight, including me. When the plane finally landed in Sibu airport, my heart was at ease. We would be quarantine and could not go home before the test results come out but at least we were back in Sarawak, the familiar land where we grew up.

After all kind of procedures, we were given a wristband with QR code on it and a user guide for the digital tracking using the QR code. It seemed like we need to log in to a website ( with our IC number and password on the wristband to report our location daily on 8 AM and 8 PM. Then, we were informed to pick a roommate for the stay in the quarantine centre and took our luggage to be brought to the hotel assigned as quarantine centre with bus. We were brought to RH Hotel and was briefly told about the dos and don’ts during quarantine. The health authorities, police officers, RELA personnels and all other officers involved in the whole process from Kuala Lumpur to RH Hotel Sibu were trying to ease our emotional burden with humours. Their care and friendliness did relaxed us. The officers at RH Hotel was joking around and chit chatting with students while briefing, registration and checking body temperature. We registered ourselves with officer in charge and informed them of our hometown for arrangement of transportation. They even asked about food allergies, fasting and availability for parents to pick us up at police station. Then, we were arranged to check for body temperature by nurses. All the officers in charge were nice and did a very great job. Salute them!

After all those procedures, I finally received the room card key with my roommate to get back to room for rest with meals given. All three meals are prepared and left outside of our door on specific time. We bathed and slept. I will keep on updating you about my quarantine life here.