Do whatever things that keep you sane!

Let’s be honest and keep it real. With the third lockdown in Malaysia is being implement, I am 100% sure that it’s not only me who is boring and tired of the 19-Covid pandemic. It has been more than a year we have been facing the same situation, and yet things are not getting better. Staying at home, doing all things online, and not being able to socialize as usual are extremely difficult.

Personally, I kind of sad and a bit angry of the situation. I angry because I couldn’t do my usual part time job, I angry because I couldn’t socialize or even just being around people, and I angry because I couldn’t go out or at least dine in. Those little things made me irritated and therefore it went all over the place. I couldn’t accept the fact on the first week of lockdown. I didn’t get much things done, and I was out of motivation. I gotta say that it was way more difficult compared to the first lockdown, for some reason. To be honest, I’m not sharing this to spread negativity to all of you, but for me to reflect for these past one year and hopefully to help others who are facing the same situation as me. You are not alone.

At this moment, I don’t think much about things that I should get done, or how productive I’m supposed to be. I just live at the moment and doing things that are in front of me. One by one, step by step. Just do whatever you feel like it and allow yourself to do things to keep you sane. Here are some of the things that I like to do:

  • Watch Netflix

I mean who’s not watching Netflix during this lockdown? There are a lot of movies, series, documentaries, and from whatever genre you can think of. Watching movie is really a great distraction from work or study, and even to cope with the current situation. It helps you to somehow escape from the reality for a while, which I think it much needed at least for me. You can try it out and feel the difference!

  • Read a book

Another thing I like to do is reading a book. Most of my books are self-help and fiction. It really help me to practice my concentration and to think creatively. I believe that whatever book it is, it will make an impact for our life someday. Trust me. Whether it is a self-help book, fiction, scientific, historical, you name it. It also help you to gain new perspective and insights, which is good in helping you to make a decision.

  • Order favorite food

I believe that food can cure all things hahaha. Good food can put you in good mood, right? For me, the feeling after eating favorite food is really put a smile on my face and it boosts my mood up. I know it just a little thing, but actually can bring me happiness. Whenever you find yourself in doubt or stressful situation, just order your favorite food. It helps!

  • Reflect

Last but not least, is to reflect. It is a good chance to reflect, especially in this current lockdown. Reflect and evaluate what you have done in the past year, what you could improve on, or even change for the better. We often too busy and do not have time for ourselves. Thus, use the time wisely and enjoy yourself.

The current situation might be hard for all of us, but we can get through this together. Do more things that keep you in a good well-being, and therefore it would also help us to adapt with the current situation.

Life is tough, but so are you.