Stalker – A Short Story

I’ll never know what it is like to be the cool kid in school or having many friends or going wild at parties. Those things just seem foreign to me. I’m more of the kid you see in the corner of the room. Creeping everyone out because I have never said a word. Just observing and keeping everything to myself. Same ol’ Kai, always creeping people out. Radiohead literally wrote the song ‘Creep’ for me. Anyways, I am not a creep alright. Just a little weird. I mean, everybody is a little weird. Just look at Richard from class, he’s probably even weirder than me. He is always staring at the girls in the class, thinking that no one is watching. But I am. Oh yes, I see right through you mister.

You see, after comparing it with other people, I am not that weird after all. It’s just that others put on a ‘mask’ that everyone sees as normal, whilst I stay true to myself. It comes easier for other people, not so for me. I have always had a bit of a hard time socializing with people. I think it stems from the feeling that I am better than everyone else. A little narcissistic, I know. But don’t you mind, I’m just playing, (or am I). I don’t have any plans for after school. Maybe I’ll just do the usual and walk Beth home. Beth is one of my closest friends in school. I mean if you ask her, she wouldn’t say so. She has a lot of friends. But I like to think of myself as someone who understands her more than anyone.

Ah, the school bell has rung. I will walk Beth home as I always do. Following her from a distance, just far enough that she doesn’t notice, but not too far so I can see her and hear her. What? No! That’s not what a stalker does, I am one of her closest friends! She wants me to do this. Who else is going to keep her safe? Do you think I’d let her walk home alone, knowing that there are predators and perverts around that can abuse her? It’s not that safe anymore man. Life has taken a bad turn. People are evil, just look around and you would see it. Man, Beth is so pretty. Looking at her from a distance would make a man feel like he’s looking at an angel. Imagine looking at her up close, my eyes would explode. Wait, what’s this? Where are you going Beth, why aren’t you going home? Home is the other way. Hmmm. I’ll just follow you. See where you are going, just to be safe.

Why are you going into that alley? Don’t you know how dangerous that is? People could be hiding there, waiting for their chance to hurt you. I better follow you. Haha, silly Beth, always getting yourself into trouble.

two dark figures face off on dark alley.

Oh no, Beth! There is a man behind you! I better do something!’. Beth starts screaming, ‘HELP HELP!’ I scramble to try and help her, the man didn’t seem too hard to tackle, so I tackled him and put him on the ground. We struggle for a while, but I manage to get free and kick him, he runs away after that.

“Thank you so much!” Beth exclaims. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” she asks.

“Yeah we go to school together, my name is Kai”, I reply.

“Oh yeah, I know you! Thank you so much, I came here to meet a friend but this man tried to attack me”. She said while hyperventilating. “Do you live nearby?”, she asked.

“No not really, I live closer to school”. Quick think of an excuse! I told myself. After turning my brain a million times, I finally settled with a reason. “I was just going to a store nearby to buy some comics”.

“Oh how lucky, thank you so much Kai. Would you mind walking me home? I don’t feel safe walking back right now”, she asked. Hearing that, I immediately utter an agreement.

Following her back home, I pretended like I didn’t know where I was going. I’ve been following her back home, secretly, for months now. To keep her safe I mean. Why else? She begins to tell me about her friend that she was supposed to meet there, about how they were supposed to have a photoshoot at the alley because it was too aesthetic not to. I begrudgingly agree with whatever she was saying. Who takes a photoshoot in an alley, in this place? It’s probably just a scam, I think.

Anyway, we make it to her house. She then invites me inside. I agree and enter because she said no one was at home, so she felt better if I came in and waited for a while.

Her house has stayed the same since the last time I was here a few days ago. Around 4 am when everyone should be sleeping, Beth and I stayed awake talking. I knew her parents would not be at home today. Jim and Tammy had an appointment with a potential client, they were real estate agents. Her brother would also be away at a football tournament in another state. We sat in her living room, while she told me all about her life, which by the way, was greatly exaggerated. I already knew everything about her. Her favorite color, her skincare routine, the shampoo she uses. Okay, now I see that it looks like I am a stalker. But really, I’m not. I am just enthusiastic about getting to know the person I like. For instance, I know that the real reason she went to that alley was to meet her friend, ‘the dealer’. To help her “chase the dragon”. If you get what I’m saying. Enthusiasm.

I have a lesson that I would someday teach to everyone. Do not invite people you just met, into your homes. Those should be the things that you always keep in mind. Even if they seem like the nicest person in the world, do not invite them inside. Because….. I have been lying to all of you. I am crazy about this girl. She drives me so crazy that I have to come into her room, while she’s sleeping, and just stare at her beautiful face. Who could resist that beauty, seriously! I may seem like a stalker, but trust me, I’m not. I just overdo things a little. Like if you bought Beth a flower, I’d go plant a flower in her room without her knowing! Isn’t that romantic!

I can’t control myself. So I don’t think it’s my fault when I pin you to the ground and caress your face because you are so pretty! I mean, you are the one who let me in, am I right? I am not at fault. I just can’t control myself when I’m with you Beth. I am in love with you! I didn’t do that, mind you. This is all just the thoughts I was having in my head. Because I knew that her parents would be home any minute now.

The beginning of our love has started Beth. Soon, it will blossom into a love that everyone envies. I will finally have you, Beth. You will be all mine. Kai and Beth, a love that is impossible, yet happened.

The door then opens. ‘Hi Mr. and Mrs. Biteme’. I introduce myself to her parents. Beth then tells her parents about my heroic deeds, as I sit there, plotting my future plans.