My Experience with Online Grocery

During the implementation of movement control order in Malaysia, it was crucial for people to stay at home. Therefore, I bought all my groceries online from DFresh Fruit Cafe Sdn Bhd. I ordered from them through whatsapp and they will make arrangements for delivery. I was exposed to it by my friend’s recommendation. It provided fast delivery for fresh vegetables and fruits. My first experience with them was satisfying. The seller was friendly and nice. The goods ordered were accurate and reached my hand in a good condition. The list of goods for sale is constantly updating on their facebook page. Their varieties of vegetables and fruits are available. Self-cooking makes me feel more secured than eating delivery food because the process of food preparation and delivery cannot be witnessed. The price is reasonable and paid through online banking after goods are out for delivery.

Online grocery has become common to avoid crowds in the stores. Online grocery was an option other than in store grocery shopping. Among online grocery platform available in Malaysia are Tesco, MyGroser, Happyfresh and Mydin. It was very difficult to get an available delivery slot for those platforms in early MCO because of high demand. The slots were fully booked all the time before I could even try to get one. There are all sorts of promotions and special deals available all day. Next day delivery is subjected to availability of slots and locations. It is important to make sure you are within the delivery area before you start to shop. Drive thru pick up service is also available. Items like frozen food, fresh produce, toiletries and household essentials are available for sales. Super saver promotions can always be found online with Mydin. 

I had bought some products from Signature Markets like the wholegrain cereals, energy bars and nut mixes. Those products tasted well but the price were a bit expensive because they are labeled organic. It sells healthy organic products such as nut mixes, organic grains, cookies, cereals and gourmet snacks. It will take up to seven to ten days for delivery and free delivery is provided with certain conditions. I received ten percent discount as a new user.

I have been using Grab for transportation and food delivery. Grabmart is also available to be used for grocery, health supply and packaged food. The promotions for certain stores and delivery fee start off with five ringgit Malaysia. I often bought pastries and bread from bakeries through Grab food. The pastries were delivered well-packed and cooled. The contactless fast delivery is done by Grab delivery driver with face mask on. This was great when I am craving for pastry like blueberry pie and croissants. I liked to order from Australian Cake House. They are nice and will kindly inform of anything out of stock instead of directly changing my goods of choice. 

Please bear with the MCO, stay home and stay safe to effectively combat the Covid-19 outbreak. The MCO is loosened currently but we should not consider that as a sign to go out enjoying. The outbreak is not over yet. Enjoying now may cause suffering later.